Why Small Businesses Struggle to Secure Loans and How to Overcome the Challenges

Seeking financial funding as a small business owner is no easy feat. They often find themselves navigating a labyrinth of challenges unique to their...
financial transformation

How to Successfully Transform Your Finance Processes

By Christoph Makar Finance transformation represents the combination of processes, systems, and organizational change across a business, implemented through new tools, processes and technologies.  It encompasses...

Today Market Analysis on Behalf of Hani Abuagla Senior Market Analyst at XTB MENA

Taiwan elections Who will win geopolitical games? One of the key geopolitical events at the beginning of 2024 is the presidential and parliamentary elections in...
Avoiding Costly Mistakes in Investor Relations

Avoiding Costly Mistakes in Investor Relations

By Dr. Gleb Tsipursky  Raising funding is no easy feat, especially for first-time founders. You need a solid business plan, traction to demonstrate market fit,...
financial pitfalls

How Project Managers Safeguard Against Financial Pitfalls 

It is a challenging task to embark on a project adventure. It is like setting sail on a ship. Before sailing, the captain plans...
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Background Macro and Geopolitics on behalf of Hani Abuagla Senior Market Analyst at XTB MENA

Economic background is fundamental to any investor - short or long term focused. Over the past few years the importance of geopolitical trends has...
Business Broker

How to Find a Business Broker You Can Trust

When it comes to selling a business, you want to make sure you get everything just right. Your business will likely be one of...

Understanding Your Rights in Debt Collection: A Financial Management Perspective

Introduction Anyone would find debt collection a traumatic experience. In case you are facing unexpected circumstances where you get into some debt, made poor financial...
Five Financial Advice

Five Financial Advice for Startups

As a newbie entrepreneur, you might be overwhelmed with the daunting tasks of developing the financial projections for your business startup along with licenses,...
Managing Corporate Culture

A Sustainable Approach to Managing Corporate Culture in Financial Services

Most banks today realise that maintaining a healthy corporate culture is a crucial element in managing risk while accelerating performance. The question is, how...

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