Financial Health of a Company

07 Ways to Improve the Financial Health of a Company

Sustainable financial health is crucial for any business to sustain and compete with competitors in the industry. Entrepreneurs and business leaders understand the importance...

Small Business Invoicing: 5 Tips to Save Time With Your Invoicing

What is the value of your outstanding invoices? For US small businesses, the average owed is $84,000. This adds up to about $825 billion...

Doing Your Own Books: Tips to Protect Your Business

Are you a new business and you are thinking about doing your own books? This is something that a lot of small business owners...
wire transfer

6 Key Considerations When Choosing Wire Transfer Services 

Today, most business owners consider sourcing materials or products from international suppliers. While working with a local company allows for quicker delivery, sourcing products...
business finance

10 Ways to Strengthen Your Business Finances & Beat Debt

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your business finances? Do you feel like you're struggling to keep up with your debt payments? Are you looking...
margin increase

5 Things You Should Know About Profit Margin Increase

A profit margin increase sounds like good news to any entrepreneur, achieved by either an increase in revenue or a reduction in costs. Basically...
Freelancer Did Over Rejected Invoices

10 Not So Regretful Things A Freelancer Did Over Rejected Invoices

By Hetvi Are you a victim of rejected invoices, and did you manage to do some not-so-regrettable things as a result? Then, you've arrived at the...
Invoice Finance

How Much Does Invoice Finance Cost? The Truth About the Fees

Invoice finance can seem like a costly option, but the truth is that the right provider will work with you to ensure that you...

6 Important Facts About Revenue Management In Hotel Industry

The art of Revenue Management is defined as a strategic management approach, which identifies, develops, and deploys customer-oriented business strategies to maximize revenue for...

Financial Management Best Practices for Hospitality Industry

A hotel that is jam-packed with guests isn't always a successful hotel. Revenue is a defining factor of successful hospitality industry. Hotels must use...

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