Important Financial Documents

How to Store Important Financial Documents (and How Long You Should Keep Them For)

A decade or two ago, most people predicted that the 21st century would be completely paperless. While this is a possibility, it is yet...
Tax returns

How An Accountant Can Maximise Your Tax Returns

By Erika Rhein If you’re the type of Aussie that’s always expecting more money back from their tax refunds, then you need to read this...

Small Business Invoicing: 5 Tips to Save Time With Your Invoicing

What is the value of your outstanding invoices? For US small businesses, the average owed is $84,000. This adds up to about $825 billion...
Young finance market analyst in eyeglasses working at sunny office on laptop while sitting at wooden table.Businessman analyze document in his hands.Graphs and diagramm on notebook screen.Blurred

5 Tips for Managing Past-Due Accounts

Past-due accounts can be a big issue for businesses that pursue subscription or membership models. Customers can fall out of the habit of paying...

6 Important Facts About Revenue Management In Hotel Industry

The art of Revenue Management is defined as a strategic management approach, which identifies, develops, and deploys customer-oriented business strategies to maximize revenue for...
Telecom Invoice

A Brief Guide on Telecom Invoice Factoring

Running a business is very challenging, especially when it comes to the telecommunication and wireless industry. Here, the technological development is quick and wireless...

Useful Tips To Ensure You’re Writing An Invoice The Right Way

When writing an invoice, it is important to remember that the details of your sale are only as good as they're written. If you...
Online Payment

9 Steps for Easier Payment Processes for Online Customers

Making the checkout process easier could increase your level of sales and conversions. Never underestimate the checkout page. It's the final gateway for buyers...
money management

Nathan Garries, Others Comment on Top Misconceptions about Money Management

There are countless benefits to this new and bold online world. Learning is literally at peoples’ fingertips and connection, even during a pandemic, is...
Merchant Account

A Brief Guide To High Risk Merchant Accounts

For anyone that is unsure, this type of account is used by, what banks deem to be, risky businesses as a payment processing service....