Five Reasons Why Africa Is the Next Great Market for Mobile Payments

By Alexey Bogdanov Worldwide, the mobile payments sector is booming. In 2022, the global industry was valued at $2.3 trillion, and it is expected to grow...

Beyond the Paperwork: A Lifestyle Guide to Seamless Business Banking with EIN

In the realm of business, an Employer Identification Number (EIN) is more than a mere tax-related formality; it is the cornerstone of sophisticated financial...

Investing for impact: Interview with Prof. Durreen Shahnaz, CEO and Founder of Impact Investment...

Taking social and environmental impact into account in investment decisions is clearly ethically sound. But, as Professor Durreen Shahnaz explains, it makes mathematical sense,...
Digital banking

The Evolution of Fintech

The world of financial services has always be­en a hub of innovation, continually adapting with the time­s and pushing boundaries. Amidst ongoing advanceme­nt, one...

Leading the Charge for Sustainability; How Fintech are Key Players in Creating a Cleaner,...

By Jeremy Baber The climate crisis has officially reached “a code red for humanity.” This is according to the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change...
big data

Has Big Data Made Investment Easier for ‘Amateurs’?

Financial investments have never been an easy prospect. For one, there are a number of risks involved, no matter where you are moving an...
Banking Innovation

Critical Analysis of Banking Innovations: The Role of Power Influencers

Banking innovations continue to unfold with each advancing technological front, molding the financial landscape. Within this dynamic, power influencers play an indispensable role, acting...
The Future of Banking Core Software

The Future of Banking Core Software

With the ever-increasing competition in the financial services market, financial institutions, especially banks, are striving to incorporate the latest financial technology (FinTech), such as...
banking service

Setting the Record Straight: Demystifying Banking-as-a-Service

By Kim Van Esbroeck There is a lot of hype around Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS), and with good reason – according to Gartner, it is one of...

Inclusive Insurance: Growth and Innovation Update

By Katharine Pulvermacher As we head towards 2024, Katharine Pulvermacher, Executive Director, Microinsurance Network, provides an update on the global inclusive insurance market, and explores...

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