Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship: Navigating the Virtual Social Contract

By Dr Srinath Sridharan In an interconnected world, digital citizenship is vital, emphasising responsibility, ethics, and media literacy online. The digital age amplifies human narcissism,...

Claudia Goldin’s Nobel Prize Win Is a Victory for Women in Economics − and...

By Veronika Dolar Economic history has long been chronicled through a male lens, emphasizing the contributions of men and their viewpoints. For proof, just look...
move beyond quotas to empower women

Why the Pursuit of Workplace Equality Must Move Beyond Quotas to Empower Women

By Lisa Owens Given the clear benefits of a diverse boardroom, forward-thinking companies must expand their gender equality commitments beyond hitting recruitment quotas and salary...
Renewable Energies in Germany

Renewable Energies in Germany

By Josephen Pomaah, Anton Burmester, Giuseppe Petaroscia, and Michael Palocz-Andresen Europe is facing a global energy crisis. Many countries, Germany in particular, have become increasingly...
investors and developer tourists

How to Make Your Destination Ready for Investors, Developers, and Tourists

By Bethanie DeRose and Dan Fenton Positioning your destination for success today requires a strong public-private-community collaboration that goes beyond feasibility studies and other theoretical...
corridor connectivity

From the Middle Out and Bottom Up: The Belt and Road Initiative at 10...

By Xiangming Chen The year 2023 marks the tenth anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a transcontinental connectivity project launched by China in...
future of humn ai

Future of Human Leadership in the AI age

By Srinath Sridharan The future of human leadership in the AI age is marked by uncertainties and opportunities. Human leadership involves managing the social and...
cold war

The New Cold War: Struggle for Global Domination (Part 2)

By Kalim Siddiqui This is part 2 of this series of articles on the New Cold War. (Link to Article Part 1) Kalim Siddiqui concludes...
climate analysis

Climate Scenario Analysis for Mexican Container Ports

By Nils Meier, Roberto Carlos Ambrosio Lazaro, Michael Palocz-Andresen Climate change poses a significant threat to ports globally, and especially in Mexico. This report highlights...
Myths of China's Global Inflation, Deflation Risks

Myths of China’s Global Inflation, Deflation Risks

By Dr. Dan Steinbock                              In early spring, international pundits portrayed China’s...

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