Globally, the circular economy concept is increasingly seen as the way forward to achieve the necessary transformation into a resource-efficient economy, and the only way to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

How Digital Innovation Is Changing Life Sciences and the Way We Treat Dementia

By Jessica Wong Every year, dementia kills more Americans1 than prostate cancer and breast cancer combined. Advances in life sciences are moving researchers, patients, and...
Nature after the Pandemic

The Valuation of Nature after the Pandemic Seeing More Than Instrumental and Intrinsic Values

By Johanna Zoe Hartmann & Michael Palocz-Andresen The valuation of nature has relied broadly on instrumental and intrinsic values that form a dichotomy, an approach...
Electric Vehicles in India

Emerging Opportunity for Battery Swapping Model for Electric Vehicles in India

By Parveen Kumar and Anshika Singh Battery swapping is emerging as an efficient and alternative fast-refuelling option for electric vehicles (EV), especially for e-2Ws and...
Management Wealth in the Age of Machine Learning

Wealth Management in the Age of Machine Learning

By Maksym Bieliai, BA Team Leader, Fintech Market Analyst at MobiDev Wealth management services go beyond simple investment advice. It involves providing guidance to clients...
Global Mobility

Dual Citizenship Allowing Global Mobility and Business Expansion to Investors

Dual citizenship was practically unheard of just a few decades ago, but now it has become a necessity and in some cases an obligation...

Leaving Our Planet Better Than We Found it: The Role of Finance

Interview with Marie-Anne Vincent, VP of Climate Finance  The indirect emissions of a financial institution’s investments can be over 700 times larger than those from...
Financial Regulation

Compliance Without the Pain: Financial Regulation Made Easy

Interview with Rohini Gupta Rohini, Director and Lead Regulatory Advisor at FinregE. In highly regulated industry sectors, much of businesses' time and resources can be...
Liam JE Gerada

A No-code Route to the Ideal E-commerce Platform: Interview with Liam JE Gerada, founder...

If all goes according to plan, there will come a point when an e-commerce business will outgrow the possibilities offered by some of the...
Energy Security

Energy Security, Transition Risks and No Regrets: The Long-Term Strategies of the Oil Majors

By Mathieu Blondeel and Mike Bradshaw Despite the current high price of oil and gas and concerns about energy security, the long-term future of the...
vested outsourcing

Vested Outsourcing: Five Rules That Transform Outsourcing

By Kate Vitasek Outsourcing has become a key strategy for many international businesses. But today’s post-pandemic supply chain crisis has many companies finger-pointing and blaming...

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