Harvesting The Biosphere

By Vaclav Smil Humanity has been harvesting an increasing share of the Earth’s photosynthetic productivity. This has already resulted in a new world where the...

Carbon Footprint Meaning, Calculation, Reduction and Reporting

The most notable highlight of the Paris Climate Conference of 2015 was that the globe is heading into a disaster, and we have to...

Digital Social Capital: Building, Maintaining and Leveraging Digital Networks for Innovation and Creativity

By Anabel Quan-Haase The digital landscape makes it clear that individuals are employing multiple sources of information, are members of diverse, sparsely-knit and specialized interest...

Smart specialization for cities: A roadmap for city intelligence and excellence

By Jan Sturesson, Hazem Galal and Laurent Probst “We need new perspectives of cities, their visions, knowledge, creativity and motivation in order to find new...
Oil Markets

Oil Markets in the Age of Energy Transition

By Adi Imsirovic The oil market is changing in response to energy transition. What should we expect in the next few years? Adi Imsirovic explores...

Regional Innovation: How To Be Smart, Sustainable and Robust

By Michele Mastroeni, Joyce Tait& Alessandro Rosiello The encouragement of innovation has been pursued by many different governments and levels of government, as innovation is...

How Cryptocurrency Can Help Nonprofits and Investors Thrive in the ‘New Normal’

By Thomas Cauley A decade ago nonprofit leaders were talking about the ways donors could change the world through social media. Today we’re talking about...
Climate Change

Climate Change, Extreme Weather Events and the Future of Humankind

By Professor Asit K. Biswas and Professor Cecilia Tortajada Distinguished Visiting Professor Asit K. Biswas and Professor in Practice Cecilia Tortajada reflect on the challenge...

Environmental Governance for Sustainable Development: An East Asian Perspective

By Akihisa Mori Despite democratisation and foreign assistance, many East Asian nations are stuck in the mud in terms of developing domestic environmental governance. Their...

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