False Beliefs In Vaccines

How False Beliefs In Vaccines Follow Coincidences

By Joseph Mazur Statistics can show evidence, but it cannot prove that one thing causes another. Hidden variables can tell us a great deal about...

The Business of Healthcare Innovation: Convergence in the Marketplace

By Lawton Robert Burns The article is adapted from the author’s latest book ‘The Business of Healthcare Innovation‘ (Cambridge University Press, 2012)   Innovation and the Value...
Human Right

Is Inequality a Clear Infringement of the Human Right to Health?

By Claudio Schuftan Inequality in health is a morally significant fact in itself. Yet the current status of health inequality trends among and within countries...
Healthcare Technology

Judgement Day for Psychologists? How Technology Has Arrived to Save the Day

By Ben W Morrison and J Michael Innes In these uncertain times, the demand for psychological services is at an unprecedented level. While the emergence...

An Open Letter to Researchers Studying the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I am not a medical doctor, nor specialist in epidemiology, but I consider myself very experienced and conversant with methodologies of scientific research. While...

Increased Digitalisation of Services Trade in Today’s Global Economic Paralysis

By Sarita D. Jackson, President and CEO of the Global Research Institute of International Trade During the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increased role...
education innovation

Adapting Education Innovations And Their ‘Knock-On Effects’ In The Time Of COVID 

By Brady Olsen In biology, adaptation is the process by which organisms fit themselves to a changing environment (think Darwin). In global development, it can...
Factors To Consider When Selecting a Virtual Medical Assistant for Your Healthcare

Factors To Consider When Selecting a Virtual Medical Assistant for Your Healthcare

In today's fast-paced world, healthcare professionals need reliable and efficient support systems to provide quality healthcare services to patients. Virtual medical assistants have become...

How Well Compensated Are You As A Medical Assistant In Alaska?

Getting into the healthcare sector can be very tricky, and it’s not something that anybody can do. It takes years of study, a lot...

The Trump-Ryan Healthcare Act: Some Economic Consequences

By Jack Rasmus While Republicans on the Right and the Far Right wrangle over whether to repeal the Obamacare Affordable Care Act (ACA), or just...

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