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Machine Learning in Healthcare: 5 Major Benefits and Applications

Machine learning, one of the most popular technologies of the 21st century, has seen exponential growth across multiple industries. Finance, banking, customer service, and...

COVID-19: We Must Use Behavioral Science to Communicate Better during the Delicate Reopening Period

By Carlos Scartascini, Déborah Martínez, and Ana María Rojas  The number of people infected with the novel coronavirus has surpassed 5 million worldwide. However, a...
healthcare recruitment

6 Tips to Succeed in Healthcare Recruitment and Employee Retention

Healthcare recruitment and employee retention come with their fair share of challenges. These include a shortage of qualified healthcare workers, a high turnover rate,...

UK GPs Could Face £44 Million In Pandemic-Related Negligence Claims

General practices may be hit with Covid-related clinical negligence claims worth £44 million, NHS Resolution cautiously estimates. £885 million in new claims are predicted in...

Nearly All Medical Debt to Be Wiped From US Credit Reports

Three of the US’ top credit bureaus have announced that many consumers will soon have their medical debt wiped from their credit reports. Medical debt...
NAD Injections

Learn How to Administer NAD Injections at Home

What is NAD? Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, otherwise known as NAD, is a chemical that organically occurs within our bodies and plays an integral role in...

How Neuroscience Can Help Business Leaders

By Dr Lynda Shaw We know that our brain changes our behaviour and equally our behaviour changes our brain, so by taking charge of our...
Behavioural Science

Behavioural Science: The Secret Sauce to Elevating Customer Experiences

By Niluka Kavanagh Behavioural science is a powerful tool for designing better customer experiences. In this article, Niluka Kavanagh explores how it can be used...
education innovation

Adapting Education Innovations And Their ‘Knock-On Effects’ In The Time Of COVID 

By Brady Olsen In biology, adaptation is the process by which organisms fit themselves to a changing environment (think Darwin). In global development, it can...
Medical Career for Women

Choosing a Medical Career for Women

After watching heartbreaking episodes of Grey's Anatomy, your favorite program focused on the life of physicians, have you ever fantasized about being a member...

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