How the Belt and Road Could Change the 21st Century

By Dan Steinbock                                         Until recently, globalisation was led by the West and benefitted only a few advanced economies. After China’s three decades of rapid growth,...

Changing Tides in International Trade

By Victor Andres Manhit Although trade has played an important role in advancing economic growth, it has since lost its dynamism. Asian economies, however, have...

How To Expand Into Fast-Growing, Mobile Optimised Emerging Markets – Fast

A conversation with Andre de Wet CEO and Founder, 2ndBase   From start-ups to different heights of business, 2ndBase helps the world's top tech companies expand into emerging...

Vietnam: No country of a comparable size has seen such an increase in economic...

By Rainer Zitelmann The Heritage Foundation publishes the annual Index of Economic Freedom to assess the levels of economic freedom in 178 countries. Since the...

Islamic Economy Brand: Paving Indonesia’s Way to Become the Global Islamic Economy Hub

By Anya Safira and Fadhil Akbar Purnama Indonesia’s vision and rising position As the world’s largest Muslim-majority country, Indonesia is helping to shape the bright future...
cannabis oil market 

How Big Is the Cannabis Oil Market in the World?

The legalization of marijuana in some parts of the world has brought some unexpected economic gains. Most cannabis-based products are gaining popularity for their...

Affordable Housing in Emerging Economies and The Case for Steel

By Akbar Imran Butt July the 16th, 2019 commemorates the 50th Anniversary of NASA spacecraft Apollo 11’s  moon landing. Astronaut Neil Armstrong, accompanied by Buzz...
Sports Betting

Sports betting can help countries get out of COVID-19 induced recession

Sports betting is big in some countries while in others restrictions have hindered the participation of citizens in either online or offline platforms. For...

How Technology is Moving Emerging-Market Stocks

Traditionally it was the influence of commodities which dictated the ebb and flow of stock prices in emerging markets, while in the west the...
African Payment Platforms

African Payment Platforms Leapfrogged the World – Can They Keep it That Way?

By Corey Runkel Sub-Saharan Africa boasts the highest digital payment usage in the world. What does that mean as payment providers grow around the world? Homegrown...


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