Dubai Investments Park: Setting New Benchmarks in Sustainability

Dubai Investments Park DIP, the largest integrated commercial, industrial and residential community in the Middle East

ExecuJet: Taking off in Africa

Interview with Chris Frost While road and rail links in many areas of Africa remain underdeveloped, the business aviation industry is taking off. Here we...

From A Niche Market To The Mainstream: What Has Driven Islamic Banking Growth?

By Patrick Imam and Kangni Kpodar Despite the rapid growth in Islamic banking during the past decade, challenges remain, pointing to the need for further...

Is Brazil still “The Country of The Future”?

By Manoel Bittencourt In this article Manoel Bittencourt argues that corruption is killing economic growth and prosperity in Brazil. Using standard economic theory and data...

The China Model: a Civilizational-State Perspective

By Zhang Weiwei China’s dramatic rise should be understood in the context of China as a civilizational state, i.e. an amalgam of the world’s oldest...

Helping Disabled Youth Get Good Jobs

By Aneel Karnani, Kevin McKague, & Meera Shenoy People with disabilities comprise the world’s largest minority group and they face significant barriers to employment. But...

Frontier Markets: Old Acquaintances, New Opportunities

By Tomás Guerrero The emergence of frontier markets is consolidating South-South relations and speeding up the global economic rebalance. Below, Tomás Guerrero describes how, to...

InnovaBRICS & Beyond: An Interview with Marcos Troyjo

Marcos Troyjo is Co-Director of the BRICLab at Columbia University, a special forum on Brazil, Russia, India and China at Columbia's School of International...

Solving the Asset–Shortage Problem of Emerging Markets

By Patrick Imam The growing appetite for emerging market financial assets (such as equity or bonds) by local and foreign investors has not been met...

Oil For Food: Big Business in The Middle East

By Eckart Woertz Middle Eastern countries are highly dependent on food imports. They have reacted to the global food crisis of 2008 with various measures...


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