Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Education is AI-Powered Content Creation

By Dr. Gleb Tsipursky It is time educators embraced AI and its tools in content creation. Utilising AI will liberate them from repetitive tasks and...
Teaching in the Era of AI

Teaching in the Era of AI: A Personal Reflection Through Students’ Eyes

By Rafif Srour The academic world remains divided about the use of generative AI in classrooms. In this article, Rafif Srour explores her students´ perspectives...
Smart Companies In The Digital Era

A New Digital Transformation Model For Smart Companies In The Digital Era

By Mostafa Sayyadi and Michael J. Provitera  In the digital economy, executives must develop digital transformation to increase the market value of their companies. This...
Audio Data

Aural Examination: Making Sense of Audio Data

Interview with Nigel Cannings, CTO at Intelligent Voice  Although the written word remains recorded in solid alphabetic form, speech is ephemeral and flits past us,...
Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship: Navigating the Virtual Social Contract

By Dr Srinath Sridharan In an interconnected world, digital citizenship is vital, emphasising responsibility, ethics, and media literacy online. The digital age amplifies human narcissism,...
Document data system Report HR technology Concept: Businessman Manager checking white documents reports papers of files icon in modern office

The Secret Behind Coho AI’s Data-Driven Revolution

Data is a vital ingredient for every SaaS company. The use of data in making decisions relevant to companies are the driving force in...
AI Beyond the Boardroom

Taking AI Beyond the Boardroom

By Neil McCormack As CEOs consider implementing AI-driven decision-making, it is vital that they employ the services of the right digital experts and set a...

(Un)explainable AI: Should All AI Systems Be?

By Hamilton Mann In the pursuit of harnessing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), businesses and researchers grapple with paradoxes that emerge when aiming to...
Growing Effective Business by Implementing Machine Learning in the Service Sector

Growing Effective Business by Implementing Machine Learning in the Service Sector

In today's fast-paced and technology-driven world, the service sector is experiencing a profound transformation, thanks to the advent of machine learning. This groundbreaking technology...

Five Ways the Metaverse Could Transform Government Over the Next Five Years – How...

By James Dunn The fusion of physical and virtual worlds has changed the way we work and live. Although the private sector has been fastest...

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