How to Perform a Technical SEO Site Audit

Do you think a treasure would be worth anything if it never gets discovered? Indeed, not. The same is the websites that put in...

How Blockchain Can Prevent Scams in Money Remittance Operations: Insights From Expert Yotam Dar

Yotam Dar, expert in cybersecurity as it relates to fintech, has said that money remittance operations have always been fertile ground for online scammers....
ethical hacking

What is Ethical Hacking and Why is it Significant to Learn About it?

In computer science, cyber security is among the most rapidly expanding areas of work. Cell phones and connected products (IoT) have grown to be...

The Financial Services Industry in 2021: Trends and Insights

The accounting and finance experts have spent an entire year grappling to meet new challenges head-on. While some businesses struggled to make ends meet...
Cyber Security

Zero Trust Security: A Comprehensive Guide

The introduction of cloud software environments has brought ease yet made the hosted applications and data vulnerable to potential hackers to the equivalent extent....

Macropay Takes a Stand Against Payment Scams

As humanity continues to move forward despite the recent challenges that came our way, some of us insist on regressing and moving backwards with...

Cybersecurity – Maximising KYC to eliminate the vulnerability of online fraud and build customer...

As payments and online engagement continue to expand, as do our global fraudsters. We are massively in a realm where digital experiences and transactions are...
cyber security

What is a DNS Leak? How Can I Prevent It?

A domain name system or DNS resolves the alphabetic web address you put into your address bar and provides the browser with the IP...

The Utilization of Skip Tracing Software And What It Can Provide

When you need to find the phone number of a missing person, skip tracing software is your best bet. Skip tracing software is wonderful...
Automotive Industry

Why is Cybersecurity Important in Automotive Industry?

As more and more businesses begin to do business online and/or become more digital in nature, they open themselves up to increased levels of...

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