Cybersecurity AI

Impact of Cybersecurity and Machine Learning in Sports Betting: Maryland 

Sports betting in Maryland has a comparatively short history, having just been legalized in 2020. Prior to that, sports betting was illegal in Maryland,...
User Identity

Unveiled: The Truth Behind Identity Proofing And How To Stay Protected

Identity proofing is the process of verifying the identity of an individual by comparing and evaluating their personal information against authoritative sources. In today's...

How can Frequent Password Reset Pose a Threat to your Business

By Yess Velázquez When you’re reading or listening to advise to prevent security risks, one of the most popular is the password change or reset...

6 Tips For Avoiding Frauds In Business

Fraudulent activities are, unfortunately, a common occurrence in the business world, and they can cause serious financial losses and damage reputations. Business owners and...

Change Country Without Leaving Your Desk

Virtual private networks (VPNs) offer a variety of alternatives that improve everyday online activities, whether for work or pleasure. These use cases may pique...
global cybersecurity

Zero Trust Segmentation: Stopping Breaches From Becoming Catastrophes

Interview with Adam Brady, Director, Systems Engineering, EMEA at Illumio  Zero trust security is a key strategy to protect corporate IT assets. But continuously authenticating...
Cybersecurity Solutions for Your Growing Business

Cybersecurity Solutions for Your Growing Business

By Ryan Beitler When it comes to the way businesses are organized, things have changed a lot. With the progress of technology, companies are implored...
Security Risks Using Artificial Intelligence

Managing Security Risks in Fintech Using Artificial Intelligence

By Maksym Bieliai, BA Team Leader, Fintech Market Analyst and Yevhen Krasnokutsky, AI/ML Team Leader, PhD at MobiDev Financial companies face exposure to a greater...
dark web monitoring

The Importance of Dark Web Monitoring

If your company is successfully in the running and working towards even better results, you’ll easily find yourself in a contagious optimism that rules...

Macropay Takes a Stand Against Payment Scams

As humanity continues to move forward despite the recent challenges that came our way, some of us insist on regressing and moving backwards with...

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