An Ecosystem of Interconnectedness: Prioritising Key Legal Concerns in the Metaverse

By Pin Lean Lau The recent hype surrounding the metaverse has deftly captured our interest, but we also need to be aware of any...

How to Perform a Technical SEO Site Audit

Do you think a treasure would be worth anything if it never gets discovered? Indeed, not. The same is the websites that put in...
Money Laundering

Can an AI Machine be Trusted to Fight Money Laundering?

By David Lukić Money laundering costs the government a lot of money. It circumvents tax obligations and enables many damaging crimes. A great way to...

Strategies for Managing the Cyber Security Risk

By Anthony Young The financial services industry is used to regulation, but having an effective cyber security strategy is not as simple as ticking the...

How Should Security Systems Evolve to Handle Cyber Security Threats?

It is crucial for any modern company to have a detailed and thorough approach to its cyber security. Any weak points can result in...
Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance Trends That Should Grab Your Attention

Cybercriminals are taking no prisoners: In 2020, a survey found that 28% of businesses that suffered an attack were forced to defend themselves on...
Web Filtering for business

How Web Filtering is Right for Your Business?

Monitoring access to sites on the grounds of network security is justifiable. The intentions to control the watch time on social networking sites would...

Macropay Takes a Stand Against Payment Scams

As humanity continues to move forward despite the recent challenges that came our way, some of us insist on regressing and moving backwards with...

Four trends in the Fintech industry

The past couple of years have turned how everyone engages with finance on its head. From dismantling business across the UK and EU in...
Watch Hulu in Turkey

How to Watch Hulu in Turkey?

Whether you are in Turkey for business or pleasure, you may have come to realize that you cannot access content that you usually would...

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