Is It Safe to Work With a Mobile Notary?

Instead of traveling to a notary office, many working professionals prefer to use a mobile notary public and redirect the time saved to handle...
Cryptocurrency law

Kleiman v Wright Day 14: Plaintiff Strategy of Painting Craig Wright as Serial Forger...

It is Day 14 of the controversial Kleiman v Wright trial, which is centered on the real identity of the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto who...
cyber security

Beginner’s Guide to Cybersecurity

The attackers are utilising more advanced methods to attack the devices. The effect is experienced by people, big enterprises and small businesses. Cybersecurity is...

Commentary: Lessons from Estonia, the world’s most digitally advanced nation

By Dr Imitiaz Khan and Ali Shahaab The digitalisation of public services saved the government more than 1,400 years of working time and allowed the...
Big Data

Advancements in Big Data Security Techniques

The rapid advancements in technology have led to a resource that has made the world’s companies richer than in the oil boom era. Big...
Shopping bags in shopping cart and credit card on laptop with paper boxes on table and sales data economic growth graph on screen, buying and selling services online on network, online shopping and e-commerce concept

DeepWeb Markets — Selection Features

There are special hidden trading platforms on the Internet that provide a wide variety of ads in order to sell and buy goods completely...
Unmanned Systems And Applications

Military Surveillance: The Benefits Of Unmanned Systems And Applications

It is a general consensus that surveillance is disliked by the majority of people in any part of the world. Irrespective of the scale,...

9 New Toyota Safety Projects That Will Change the Car World

Toyota is making some game-changing moves that could potentially save countless lives from vehicle crashes. The king of the auto world is investing in...

How can personal data be misused?

A lot has been said in recent years about both how personal data is being collected and how it’s used by third parties: particularly...

Cyber Security in Exchanges From All Around The World

Earlier in March 2021, there was quite a big incident that occured in one of the top companies (Microsoft) that gave us a prompt...

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