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Capitalism in the 21st Century

Collective Life Capital: The Lost Ground of the Economy

By John McMurtry In this analysis, the author definitively explains collective life capital as the missing base of the economy under systemic attack by life-blind...

Winning the Talent War in Emerging Markets: Women are the Answer

By Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Ripa Rashid As global companies try to harness the growth and possibilities of emerging markets, the extraordinary energy, ambition and...

Putting Executive Pay in Context

By David De Cremer Before the financial crisis executive pay in the finance sector had skyrocketed; bonuses were no longer given to reward hard and...

Making Sustainable Attainable

By Ian Brooks From its early beginnings as a financially risky and purely philanthropic venture, Sustainable Investing has evolved into not only a viable but...

The Challenges and Importance of Institutions Building in the Developing Countries

By Dr. Kalim Siddiqui There has been on-going debate about the utility of the ‘free market’ system versus ‘government intervention’ in promoting development policies and...

Food – Wars and Pharma – Trailblazing the Way to Human Demise

By Peter Koenig In this article, Peter Koenig connects the dots and sheds light on how food, drugs, and bombs all play together in the...
sunny places

Offshore Jurisdictions: Sunny Places for Shady Business No More!

By Andrew James Perkins Offshore Jurisdictions are firmly embedded into the global economy. However, they suffer from a perception of lax regulation from the point...

Five Ways the Metaverse Could Transform Government Over the Next Five Years – How...

By James Dunn The fusion of physical and virtual worlds has changed the way we work and live. Although the private sector has been fastest...

Development Path of the Contemporary Non-Western World

By Guanghua Yu This note argues that the logic underlying the open access order is not the only way of economic and human development in...
Mexico Covid Risk

The Pandemic Has Made Mexico’s Gig Economy Even Riskier

By Rodolfo Aguirre Reveles In Mexico City, it is now increasingly common to see UberEats drivers also delivering packages for Amazon. Such scenes represent the...

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