UK Economy

Closing the Gap: What Will it Take for the UK to be a “Double...

By Christina Palmou The pandemic has brought into sharper focus the unequal opportunities at work for men and women. Policy, management practices and a structural...

Identifying key drivers to help transform African agriculture

By Mills Soko The Green Revolution propelled India from a country plagued by famine and drought to the top wheat-producer in the world. It helped...
corona virus

COVID-19 and Degrowth: A Momentum to Restructure the System

By Nur Dhani Hendranastiti The year 2020 has been a dynamic ride that we can learn a lot from as we moving through 2021 and...
nobel prize

A Nobel Prize in Physics That We Can All Understand

By Gary Yohe Syukuro Manabe and Klaus Hasselmann were awarded shares of the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics for scientific work that is both understandable...

The New Global COVID-19 Threat: Misguided Policies, Virulent Strains, New Waves, and Lost Years

By Dan Steinbock              As the COVID-19 epicenter has moved from the Americas to India and poorer economies and G20 countries remain severely affected, the...
water agriculture

Water Wastage in Agriculture

Agriculture relies on many elements to produce food, but the most important of them is water. Irrigated agriculture accounts for 40% of global food...

Sustainable Tourism after the Pandemic

By Luca Behne, Daniel Rosomm, Eggo Bracker, and Michael Palocz-Andresen Sustainable tourism is a topic that has been intensively addressed for several years. Climate-friendly travel...
Industrialisation to Developing Countries

The Importance of Industrialisation in Developing Countries

By Dr. Kalim Siddiqui I. Introduction This article also draws upon the East Asian economies’ abilities to allocate resources to stimulate industries and technological development. Despite...
Carbon Pricing

Carbon Pricing: The Best Policy that Nobody Wants

By Philip Rossetti Although carbon pricing is lauded by economists as an efficient climate policy, impediments to its adoption at the federal level in the...

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