Firearm Violence

More Innovation Can Creatively Destroy Firearm Violence

By Dan Prud'homme We need more investment in two types of technologies that could dramatically reduce gun violence in America: better non-lethal arms and a...
The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Tadatoshi Akiba: “The Goal of The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is...

A conversation with the former mayor of Hiroshima on nuclear weapons By Joseph Mazur The city of Hiroshima will forever live in the memory...

Racial Inequalities and the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Graziella Bertocchi and Arcangelo Dimico Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, evidence has been accumulating about its disproportionate impact on racial and ethnic...
Climate Change

Two Hundred Years Of Talking About Climate Change

By Joseph Mazur Back in the 1970s, when I was a graduate student at MIT, there were a few weeks of cafeteria conversations among earth...
Driving Positive Change for Women

Driving Positive Change for Women through Innovative Private Sector Investments

By Neeti Katoch, Amanda Satterly and Anne Valko Celestino The growing popularity of gender lens investing is backed by evidence that investing in women makes...

Happiness Is A Place Between Too Little And Too Much

By Danny Dorling and Annika Koljonen School meals are never termed “free” in Finland; they are simply called “lunch”. Alongside Sweden; Finland is one of...

Agriculture, Sustainable Development, and Government Policy in Developing Countries

By Dr. Kalim Siddiqui  I. Introduction Bandung Conference (1955) in Indonesia was the first large meeting of leaders from newly independent countries from Asia and Africa,...

The South American Way to Invest Abroad: Colombia Seeks Growth Through FDI

Interview with Ms. Flavia Santoro Trujillo, President of ProColombia Attracting foreign investment is central to the government of Colombia’s strategy to stimulate the country’s diverse...

The Political Economy of Famines during the British Rule in India: A Critical Analysis

By Kalim Siddiqui 1. Introduction The late nineteenth century was celebrated in the West as the golden period of global capitalism; while few will defend empire...

If We Want To Transform African Economies, We Must Look Beyond Relying On Governments...

By K.Y. Amoako Africa is positioned to undergo dynamic change in the decades ahead. Thanks to abundant resources, a burgeoning youth population, and growing attractiveness...

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