The Problems of Unfree Trade: Various Implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

By Binoy Kampmark How free is the Trans-Pacific Partnership? Covering a region spanning 40 percent of the world’s GDP and 12 signatory states, an argument...

The Way to the New Cold War

By Dan Steinbock Despite continued nuclear threats, all US postwar presidents have failed to reset relations with Russia. Why?   The “New Cold War” between the US...

IRAN : Why we really do need globalisation more than ever before

By Graham Vanbergen Globalisation has rapidly become the new buzzword driving isolationism and protectionism that has led to European citizens losing out to offshored jobs, reduced...

Beirut – Accident or “New” Bomb Blast?

A drone picture shows the scene of an explosion at the seaport of Beirut, Lebanon, August 5, 2020. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla) Source. By Peter...

APEC 2015: Change is in the Air

By Dan Steinbock Despite diplomatic missteps, APEC 2015 could pave way to regional peace and development. The triangular perspectives of Washington, Beijing and Manila tell...

Failed Statebuilding versus Peace Formation: The Consequences and Implications over the Last 25 Years

By Oliver P. Richmond Recent years have seen an abundance of foreign intervention to achieve peace and statebuilding.

The Dirty War on Syria: No Popular Uprising

By Tim Anderson The world has been deceived over the conflict in Syria. It was always a ‘regime change’ dirty war and never a popular...

A Time for European Diplomacy to Come of Age: Responding to the Refugee Crisis

By Susi Dennison “People will always want to migrate for a better life: this is a constant reality.” But the harrowing images on the news...

From Deep Globalisation to the Risk of Deglobalisation: the Rise of Local-Contentism

By Marcos Troyjo As the world transitions from ‘Deep Globalisation to Deglobalisation’, economic policies based on a ‘Doctrine of Local Content’ take center stage. As...

“Third Wave” of Covid-19 Impact Exacerbates Emerging Market Crisis

By Chan Kung and Wei Hongxu The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe and the United States tends to ease and some countries have...


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