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Dan Steinbock on the Multipolar World

The Myths and Realities of Duterte’s Infrastructure Initiative

By Dan Steinbock A huge upgrade of infrastructure is vital for Philippines economic future. That’s why it is contested by entrenched interests, including foreign powers....

China’s New Leadership: 2017-2022 Leaders, Grand Strategy and Policies

By Dan Steinbock After the 19th Congress, Xi’s China is preparing for a new roadmap domestically and internationally. This is Dr. Dan Steinbock’s in-depth analysis...

US 2016 Election Is a Global Risk

By Dan Steinbock As America is struggling amid a historical protest election, the political risk could undermine US economic rebound and the lingering global economic...

Duterte’s Pragmatic Agenda for the Philippines

By Dan Steinbock While the Aquino reforms ignited great progress in the Philippines, the new president will favor inclusive growth and greater pragmatism in foreign...

The Economic Costs of Corruption in Philippines

By Dan Steinbock                 The recent $200 million customs debacle may be just a tip of the iceberg. Due to illicit financial flows, Philippines has...

The Year 2016 Requires Tough Decisions in Nigeria

By Dan Steinbock               After the plunge of the commodity prices, the US Fed’s rate hikes are paving way for dimmed prospects in many...

APEC 2015: Change is in the Air

By Dan Steinbock Despite diplomatic missteps, APEC 2015 could pave way to regional peace and development. The triangular perspectives of Washington, Beijing and Manila tell...

What if Clinton Wins: US Presidential Election 2016

By Dan Steinbock According to polls, the race to the White House is over. Clinton has won, Trump has lost. If that proves the case,...

Le Pen-ization of France Europe’s Changing Landscape

By Dan Steinbock             In France, President Hollande’s utter failure to foster broad consensus for structural reforms has paved the way...

Trump’s Fall                      

By Dan Steinbock                                         As violent demonstrations linger domestically and nuclear risks loom abroad, the White House has flamed new domestic divisions, while...

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