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Strategies for the Changing World

In 2021, Women Are Still Changing The World

After a year like no other filled with unwelcomed viruses and isolated lockdowns, 2021 is a breath of fresh air with women who are...
Covid 19 vaccine

Cultural adaptation is critical to Covid vaccine campaign success

By Melanie Chevalier As the much hoped for COVID-19 vaccines make their way across the globe and into our communities, many will be heralding this...

What’s The Most Holistic Model for Knowledge?

By Mostafa Sayyadi Insufficient consideration of the completeness of knowledge management models has been exposed and the author attempts to address this concern for the...

3 Industries To Watch As America Faces Economic Downturn

Since about 2010 the U.S. economy has been experiencing a robust turnaround following a near collapse in 2008. It’s been slow but steady progress,...

Everyday Leadership: Influencing Your Company’s Culture and Strategy As An Individual Contributor

By Mostafa Sayyadi In the absence of effective leadership, organizations are not capable of effectively implementing changes at the competitive level. In this article, the...

Methods to Fund Your Ecommerce Venture

Starting an ecommerce project seems like an exciting proposition, but not everyone is capable of pursuing this dream due to lack of budget. Some...

Can HR Level Up, Please? A Case Study

By Bart Tkaczyk Human Resource Management (HRM) has been around for decades. Apparently, same goes for organisation-wide issues such as toxic workplace culture, inequality in...

The “Secret Code” of Success

By Ben Laker, Mark Ridley and Ian Mills What is the greatest formula for high-level success? In this article, the authors highlight the significance...

How to Effectively Manage and Support Remote Teams During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the landscape of most businesses. Forced to temporarily close their doors to preserve the lives...

Authentic Leadership: From Theory to Practice

By Mostafa Sayyadi Executives are under a tremendous amount of pressure in today’s global economy. This article is set in place to inspire...