Diversity at Work

The Benefits of Diversity at Work

By diversity in the workplace, we mean the variety of employees within one organization. We're not just talking about differences in gender and culture,...

How to Pitch Your Tech Idea to Any Investor

By Youness Yaghcha   A Brave New World In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we have seen the rise of new technologies, including blockchain, fintech, artificial intelligence, biotech,...

Reasons Why Proper Office Furniture Affects The Workplace of Employees

When setting up a new office, there are a few factors you need to consider. One primary factor to contemplate is the office furniture...

How to Successfully Lead a Web Conference Call

With financial and commercial markets globalizing at a faster pace than ever before, businesses all over the world are relying on web conferencing technology...

What Are The Challenges Faced by Finance Professionals?

The corporate world seems to be changing rapidly, and the accounting and finance industry is no exception. Gone are the days when finance teams...

4 Things You Need to Build a Supplement Brand

Do you have dreams of building your own brand or your own company from the ground up? Are you the entrepreneurial type that isn’t...

How to Get More Reviews and Improve Company Reputation

Your reputation is very important when you are a company. The internet is a wonderful thing; it can bring you customers from all over...

A surge of confidence: Businesses and the economy respond to vaccine news

As the UK and wider world continues to weather the storm of COVID-19, we are seeing worrying news each day of damage caused to...
The Rise of mobile apps

The Rise of Mobile Apps

For all the negative press of the last few years surrounding mobile phone usage and potential addiction theories, nobody can say that our phones...

The Changing Role of the CFO

With a unique and holistic view of their business, the modern CFO breaks traditional boundaries for finance-based roles. They are intrigued by developing inside-level...

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