Capitalist Exploits Review 

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True wealth comes from investing wisely, not just acquiring the latest luxuries. Capitalist Exploits aims to guide you in growing your investments. Yet, you might question its credibility. This Capitalist Exploits review will address those concerns to help you decide if it’s the right tool for your financial growth.

What Is Capitalist Exploits?

Capitalist Exploits is a financial blog led by professional money managers Brad McFadden and Chris Macintosh, who focus on presenting investment opportunities that aim to maximize rewards while minimizing risks. They offer insights based on meticulous analysis of the current market climate. Given the capital requirements of these investment opportunities, Capitalist Exploits advises prospective members to have a minimum of $25,000 available for investment before joining the platform.

Features of Capitalist Exploits

  • Capital Gains Portfolio: The team at Capitalist Exploits brings a wealth of experience to the table, successfully investing in various stocks across multiple industries. You can explore details of their investment decisions, including the stocks they’ve invested in, the intended target prices, and the positions they established at the start of their trades, all simplified in easy-to-understand charts. For those looking for deeper insights, in-depth investment reports on their portfolios are also available.
  • Diversified Income Portfolio: This portfolio shows how McFadden and Macintosh take a global approach to long-term investments. These typically involve international stocks outside the US that can deliver a minimum of 8% returns annually. 
  • Q&A: Each capital gains and diversified income portfolio is accompanied by a set of questions and answers to familiarize investors with the contents of the portfolios. Additionally, Capitalist Exploits holds monthly Q&A sessions, providing a platform to ask hedge fund managers about investment queries directly.
  • Community Forum: The Capitalist Exploits community forum is a space where subscribers can engage with one another. Questions can be asked and insights shared amongst members via instant messaging, fostering a collaborative environment.
  • Insider Newsletter: Touted as one of the best investment newsletters, the Insider Newsletter from Capitalist Exploits reveals the top five investment or trade ideas curated by their trade desk. These suggestions serve as starting points for investors looking to explore new opportunities.
  • Capital Management: For those with substantial capital, Capitalist Exploits offers long-term, stable investment services through Glenorchy Capital. To be eligible for these services, one must be an accredited investor, meeting specific criteria such as an annual income of at least $200,000. 

Pros and Cons of Capitalist Exploits


  • Trading Guides: Capitalist Exploits provides detailed trading guides that outline not only what and when to buy and sell but also how to execute these trades effectively. This information can significantly improve your chances of making profitable investments.
  • Reasonable Price Point: The subscription fees for Capitalist Exploits are considered fair given its range of benefits. The options include a daily fee of $6 or an annual subscription at $2449. For those interested in the Insider Newsletter, it is $35 per month, with an introductory offer for the first month at just $1.
  • Low-risk Strategies: Capitalist Exploits focuses on asymmetric trading strategies, which are designed to limit potential losses. Even in less favorable outcomes, following their trading recommendations could result in a maximum portfolio loss of 10%, thus protecting your investment to a considerable extent.
  • No Censorship: Capitalist Exploits prides itself on speaking frankly about investment opportunities, regardless of potential political sensitivities. This means they can offer unfiltered advice on investments they believe will be profitable for their subscribers.
  • Refundable Fee: Focusing on subscriber satisfaction, Capitalist Exploits ensures peace of mind by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. Should you be dissatisfied with the subscription, you can request a full refund within the first 30 days.
  • Suitable for New and Seasoned Traders: Whether you’re new to investing or experienced, Capitalist Exploits has something to offer. They provide “vanilla” portfolios for beginners, which are easier to understand, as well as more complex capital gains and diversified income portfolios for seasoned traders.
  • International Spread: The asset managers at Capitalist Exploits invest in a broad range of companies across over 100 countries. Consequently, their investment advice is applicable and beneficial to subscribers worldwide, regardless of location.


  • Large Capital Requirement: The $25000 investment threshold ensures subscribers can fully engage with the range of opportunities and strategies presented. However, it would be beneficial if Capitalist Exploits also curated investment opportunities tailored for those with smaller capital. 

Capitalist Exploits Reviews Online

The Capitalist Exploits review profile on Trust 

pilot reflects a strong endorsement from the investor community, boasting a high rating of 4.8 out of 5. This indicates that the vast majority of users have had positive experiences. Collectively, the reviews highlight several strengths of the platform, consistently citing it as one of the best stock analysis websites available.

For example, a new subscriber noted, “I have been a subscriber with Capital Exploits for a year now and will be a subscriber for years to come at this stage. Very knowledgeable team. The portfolio setup is unique, and the quality of investment research is top-notch. They do a great job determining the best place for investing during uncertain times. The newsletter gives an honest, hard-hitting view of the world, and the live Q and A sessions are a must!”

Meanwhile, an older subscriber said, “I’ve used this service for years and have outperformed any other investment strategy I have used in decades. It requires work, but that work pays off! I am using this strategy for my pension, ISA and savings and am very happy with the results.”

Capitalist Exploits Review: Final Verdict

Drawing from the insights provided in this Capitalist Exploits review, it’s apparent that the platform is a significant resource for those looking to make informed investment decisions. Capitalist Exploits is dedicated to delivering unvarnished, essential information directly to its users, ensuring they have access to truthful and substantial market analysis. Click here to try Capitalist Exploits now.

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