Cameron Chell, Entrepreneur, Provides Advice on Finding Startup Success

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Cameron Chell has always known that business is for the bold and the dedicated, and that is how you can describe his path as a serial entrepreneur. His products now extend from corporate offices to the battlefields in Ukraine.

At 14, Chell’s indomitable spirit and drive began to surface and he started laying the foundation for what would become his entrepreneurial journey.

A businessman, public speaker and author, years of determination and study helped secure Chell’s position on the cutting edge of innovation, as he strives to create technology to help humanity face the greatest global challenges.

His products and services are used all over the world, including Ukraine, where medical drones from Draganfly, a company he co-founded, are delivering essential medicine to inaccessible places currently occupied by Russian troops.

He spent the bulk of his career taking products from inception to creation, growing a diverse collection of high-potential ideas into revolutionary companies. These companies find success under Chell’s hands-on leadership, by implementing his unique approach to innovation.

His love for leading, learning and a tireless initiative allow him to simultaneously spearhead these successful companies, including Draganfly Inc, Currency Works, and Business Instincts Group.

He draws from years of experience to offer some perspectives and advice for future entrepreneurs through his book: Sustainable Startups.

In this article, Chell will share some of his tips for aspiring entrepreneurs:

Overcoming the overwhelm

Entrepreneurs live in the world of variables and challenges. Anxiety and stress are naturally part of the job description. Business founders are called to face their fears with innovation and creativity, despite the temptation to become stagnant.

 “You have a lot of pressure when it comes to being a startup entrepreneur as you’re responsible for so many things,” says Chell. “You may deal with payroll, family, inconsistent pay, or finding investors for your projects. Once you start doing too many tasks at once, you start to make mistakes. We don’t want that.”

According to Chell, there are two key elements to overcoming the overwhelm.


Juggling responsibilities means there is greater need to focus on attainable goals. While it is necessary to always keep the big picture in mind, it is also beneficial to know when to take a step back and create a list. That means focusing on the three key things you need to get done each day and trying to achieve a larger goal by the end of the month. By focusing on smaller tasks, you can help ensure you’re completing your most important commitments without getting stuck on doing too much at once. Forward momentum with smaller tasks equals greater momentum for the bigger tasks.

Having a build partner

According to Chell, a build partner is someone with whom you have a connection and is also embracing entrepreneurship. This facilitates a collaborative approach to problem solving in which you help each other with challenges. This helps eliminate self-doubt and allows you to learn from each other.

Overcoming self-doubt

Self-doubt is the reinforced, subconscious talk that directs your life without you even realizing it. It’s easy to find yourself falling victim to self-doubt, which can hinder your potential and prevent you from accomplishing your goals.

While it’s near impossible to unwire those beliefs overnight, there are things new entrepreneurs can do to combat self-doubt.


Find like-minded people and hear about what struggles they are facing. By understanding each other’s struggles, you realize you are capable of overcoming challenges, the same as they are. This illuminates the feeling of isolation.

“Entrepreneurs face a lot of isolation,” says Chell. “The long hours and singular focus needed for success come at the cost of socializing. Finding a community, a professional support system is vitally important to success.”

Being Grateful

No success is found alone. Every successful entrepreneur has a long list of people who inspired, people who believed, and people who helped their dreams come true. On those dark days that come to every person’s life, it is important to remember the sacrifices made and the people who stand behind you. Sometimes the difference between success and failure is the grit it takes to keep going even when problems are stacking up. Being grateful helps you remember. It helps compel you to roll up your sleeves and get to work: people believe in you, people depend on you, and you can make the world a better place. No matter how terrible a day might be and how much self-doubt creeps in, everyone has something or someone for which they can be grateful. Reflecting on what you have can serve as the fuel to power through any challenges life throws at you.

Entrepreneurship, like life, is not one-size-fits-all. There are different paths. But the foundation remains the same: hard work, perseverance, a willingness to learn from being humbled and adapt when necessary, to overcome self doubt and strive to surround yourself with the right people.

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