Bitcoin Week Called by El Salvador Draws Crypto Enthusiasts to Party and Preach.


El Salvador has been making news for being the first nation to make digital currency legal tender. We see a fantastic Bitcoin community that seems to be getting stronger with every passing day. They witnessed Bitcoin Week, which remains a series of events clubbed with two conferences in it. These events showcased many parties and too many get-togethers in the decided location, allowing the experts and trade pundits to express their insight about virtual currencies. The enthusiasts and faithful people had their chance to celebrate the big week, making Bitcoin celebrate as a global game-changer. The event had people all around with hats having the Bitcoin symbol and their T-Shirts emblazoned with the slogans yelling to take a plunge in the digital currency world.  People who visited this Latin American country claimed that they are not all worried about the price hike of digital currencies, and they intend to go for a long haul as well. 

The critical events in the week included two conferences called Blockchain Conference and America Conference, which remained a three-day program at the end of the week. Starting from Wednesday night, it lasted till Friday, wherein it attracted loads of people loving Bitcoin. Also, we could hear the Latin rap music on the stage, having live music along with local wine and many more things that celebrated the big day. Exploring sites like the official site of bitcoin buyer can give you a detailed look at the event. People carrying Bitcoin signs and having Tees also had a great gala time there. The dollar seemed too archaic to many participants found there. Besides hordes of the local crowd, many from other nations also participated in the same. Several companies are catering for the Bitcoin ATM market and are also offering digital currency exchanges. They showcased their stalls. 

Although Bitcoin went down slightly during the weekdays, the moment Friday, the digital coin was back at its zenith, reaching 69K USD. It remained the critical topic of the day, and many of the conference speakers were also seen talking about the forthcoming prices. They claimed that the price for the BTC could remain within 40K USD to 1 Million USD in the forthcoming years. As per a Guatemala-based Bitcoin Exchange called Coincasa CEO Jose Luis Guillen, the recent dip in BTC price should not worry consumers. They can continue holding the coins for long as things remain rosy in the coming few months and even for years. He further said that the last 13 years of the bull market had taught him a lot. Thus he feels that Bitcoin and other coins can prove precious for all. 

One of the ladies from Texas called Jerri Schick, who had come to visit the event, said that she found something exciting in terms of goods and services. She said it would soar in the coming times, making it more expensive and creating an excellent recreational vehicle park that she could own later. She started buying Bitcoin this year in the second month of 2021 and still tries to buy the coin in between 20 to 100 USD per day of digital currency to get the offset inflation. She said that she had gained 40 percent of profit from our investment in Bitcoin ever since she started investing in this domain. She further vouched, saying that Bitcoin is proving to be a perfect escape for all, and it can happen to everyone. 

Similarly, a young IT professional from Columbia attending the week called Jessie Rodriguez said that he loves to buy Bitcoin and has remained a regular buyer of the digital coin ever since he first heard in 2014. He further added that Columbia had remained a safer zone in terms of hyperinflation like Argentina or Venezuela. Thus he has enjoyed this status for all these years. He has been catering to different clients dealing in digital currency and seemed to enjoy it a lot. His clients are now using PayPal based services as the platform has entered with Bitcoin as well. It’s been more than two years since we have seen El Salvador announcing Bitcoin as its legal tender, and since then, we have seen many things coming up in this domain. They have also launched the digital wallet called Chivo that offers several pre-loaded with 30 USD.

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