Bitcoin Revolution – a golden opportunity for the Cryptocurrency traders

The cryptocurrency age brought about new ways for people around the world to generate more money. Although digital assets provide people with an alternative currency, their explosiveness in the market also presents an income-generating opportunity for those who like to purchase low and sell high. Experts have invented intelligent trading robots that automatically identify and execute trade orders on behalf of the trade to make the most out of these opportunities. One such tool is the Bitcoin Revolution. 

The Bitcoin Revolution platform has existed for about three years now. However, the platform has been gathering a lot of interest lately amid the coronavirus pandemic as people seek alternative methods of generating money. With the automated cryptocurrency claiming to make people rich, in this article, we will review how traders are allegedly making $1000/day using the platform.

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution claims to be an automated trading technology assembled by a group of elite brokers and traders. The platform employs artificial intelligence to evaluate the cryptocurrency market to develop the most profitable trading opportunities and automatically places trade orders on behalf of the user. Bitcoin Revolution allegedly performs trades at 0.01 times quicker than its rival apps. 

How does Bitcoin Revolution Work?

To gather all the information we needed for this report, my team and I decided to test the already popular autonomous trading app. The program is free for everybody to join and easy to navigate. The user is only required to make an initial deposit to the connected broker and adjust the risk parameters to begin trading. 

Bitcoin Revolution is centered around the strategies of some of the finest traders across the world. Hence, the trading software’s design and mechanization are proven to be productive and profitable to both beginners and elite investors. 

Bitcoin Revolution has partnered with some of the biggest and well-known brokers in the market. Brokers handle all the transactions within the platform, not the trading system itself. A proven way of finding out the legality of a platform is to examine the underlying brokers. Legitimate crypto trading platforms will always partner with valid brokerages. 

How to trade on Bitcoin Revolution 

To access the demo and live trading features, you need to sign up for a free account on the platform’s homepage. The demo platform can be used using the provided virtual funds, but one needs to make an initial deposit of at least $250 to access live trading. 


The initial step will always be creating an account free of charge by filling your details on the form provided. Following successful registration, you will be linked to your broker to guide you through the entire account creation procedure. Bitcoin Revolution has taken all the necessary security measures to protect private user information from breach by hackers on information safety. 


After satisfactorily evaluating all the aspects, functionalities, and tools provided by the software developers, it’s time to load in funds into the account. The least capital investment on the platform is $250, which is reasonable. The deposit methods provided include Visa and Master credit and debit cards, American Express, Neteller, and Discover Network.

Demo Account

The developers did not forget this critical feature, the demo trading feature. Traders are provided with virtual funds to practice their trading strategies before beginning to trade using real money. Besides, novice traders are advised to take advantage of this feature before trading real cash. It gives them a hint of the earning potential the site has when executed in the right manner. Investing in the cryptocurrency industry involves its risks; hence it’s better to be well prepared. 

Live trading account

In this stage, you are now ready to start trading using real money. First of all, you are required to order the system the same way you would like it to execute trades on your behalf. Some of the critical aspects found here include a control panel, trade history, transactions page, and the live and demo account. 

The digital assets supported by the software include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. They trade in pairs of crypto to fiat currencies like the USD and the euro, or crypto-to-crypto pairs. 

Key features 


Bitcoin Revolution alleges that a user can generate up to $1000 per day through its trading algorithms. 


You are required to fill inaccurate information to complete this process.

Withdrawals and deposits:

Withdrawal requests are processed in less than a day. All deposits are handled by the brokerage, and are various methods available for traders to deposit funds.

Customer service:

Customer service is available to respond to client queries through email or live chat 24/7. The team is very professional and reliable.

Is Bitcoin Revolution legit or a scam?

Bitcoin Revolution is legit, and the claims of scam on various platforms are not correct. From our review of the platform, we discovered the platform has a success rate of 92 percent. Despite the volatile cryptocurrency market, the platform is completely capable of generating additional profits for its users. New investors are always advised to trade what they can afford to lose. 

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