BGASC Review: Is This Precious Metal Dealer Legit?

BGASC Review Is This Precious Metal Dealer Legit

Delving into the captivating world of precious metals like gold, platinum, or silver coins can be thrilling.

Historically, gold and silver coins have served as solid investments, guarding against economic unpredictability. These coins, minted under the aegis of the US government, carry substantial value.

They have a rich narrative of monetary exchanges and wealth preservation, making Investing in gold, silver, and rare coins alluring.

This review aims to equip you with indispensable information for making an informed decision. Like several precious metals dealers, BGASC presents an online platform to purchase metals.

It boasts many products, competitive prices, customer-friendly shipping policies, and top-notch customer service. But is everything as it seems? Let’s delve deeper into our BGASC review and find out!

What is BGASC?

BGASC, as the name implies, is an online coin merchant. They offer a wide assortment of competitively priced coins, including silver, gold, and commemorative coins. But their offerings are not confined only to coin enthusiasts.

BGASC also provides bars of various metals alongside its diverse coin offerings. You can visit BGASC to procure platinum products, silver bullion, copper bullets, and various precious metals-related items from this online dealer.

BGASC Offerings

BGASC offers an expansive array of gold, silver, and collectible coins. They also trade bars, bullets, rounds, and even statues! If you possess any precious metals you’d like to sell, BGASC may be interested in buying them from you.

Several individuals purchase precious metals purely as an investment for their future. Though wise, storing precious metals at home means your metals won’t be eligible for the tax advantages offered by an IRA. Thankfully, BGASC has devised a solution for this hurdle.

By dialing the number provided on the website, you can effortlessly initiate setting up a tax-advantaged IRA using your future precious metals purchases. Navigating the financial terrain with IRS involves many hoops, but the experts at BGASC are here to ensure your process is seamless.

If you already possess an IRA and are considering a rollover, you can do that too. Any precious metals you acquire will be stowed in a secured location, completely insured, and protected against unforeseen circumstances.

Having a self-directed IRA and storing your metals does entail fees. Regrettably, the website doesn’t divulge these potential costs, implying you’ll need to make a call to procure accurate pricing.

BGASC Shipping

Previously, BGASC enforced rather stringent shipping policies, requiring customers to spend $5,000 or more to qualify for free shipping. However, recognizing that most other companies set a lower threshold for “free shipping,” they’ve revised their policies to provide more reasonable prices.

Nowadays, to qualify for free shipping, you only need to purchase $199 or more. Orders falling under this minimum will attract a $7.99 shipping charge. Both options ensure you receive insured shipping, so all orders are 100% covered until delivery. For orders exceeding $1,000, a signature will be necessary upon receipt.

BGASC generally ships orders the next business day. However, as orders are placed online, managing your expectations is crucial. If you place an order at 11:59 PM, your order may or may not ship out the “next business day.”

BGASC Accepted Payment Methods

BGASC embraces eight payment methods: Credit/debit card, PayPal, crypto, money orders, cashier’s checks, personal checks, ACH/eChecks, and bank wire transfers.

Payments via debit/credit card and PayPal don’t qualify for discounts. However, crypto orders earn a 3% “crypto discount.” All other types of transactions qualify for a 4% “cash discount.”

Pros of BGASC

  • BGASC provides free shipping on orders exceeding $199.
  • As a BBB-accredited entity with an A+ rating, BGASC ensures trust and reliability.
  • They set no order minimums, making it accessible for investors across all levels.
  • Packages are fully insured, providing peace of mind for your valuable purchases.
  • They accept various payment methods.

Cons of BGASC

  • There’s limited information about the management team
  • Delivery times can occasionally be slow, requiring a little patience
  • The return period is brief, offering limited flexibility for returns or exchanges.
  • BGASC is only available within the United States

Is BGASC the Right Fit for You?

You might wonder, “Is this precious metals dealer worth your business?”. BGASC is a reputable firm offering a stellar range of services, including purchasing high-value coins and gold bars, selling precious metals, and facilitating the opening of a tax-advantaged IRA.

Among the many available options like APMEX and JM Bullion, BGASC stands out with its quick shipping times, reliable customer support, and many payment methods.

If you’re exploring options to buy or sell precious metals or kick-start a tax-advantaged IRA, we recommend browsing BGASC’s offerings.

BGASC, with its impeccable reputation and superior customer service, is a brilliant choice for your coin-related needs. Click here to sign up for BGASC and check out their latest offerings.

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