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Every year, classic casinos become less and less popular, because more and more gamblers prefer to spin slots, play cards or place bets on the Internet. Although this trend has been observed for a long time, the pace of the transition of gambling people to the network has accelerated significantly after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bet-b2b solutions are defining in the betting and gambling industry. And given that it is developing at an unprecedented pace, growing incomes lead to an increase in social contributions, and an improvement in the economic situation in the world. is an innovative IT company that provides a wide range of services for creating and updating betting shops and online casinos. The company also provides solutions in the field of analytics and monitoring of gaming activity, as well as unique tools for managing finances and partner networks.


Nearly 26% of people gamble, and 1.6 billion people bet on sports and various events. Citizens of Malta, Australia, Great Britain, China, United States of America are considered to be the most gambling.

In 2021, China received the largest gambling revenue with $46.01 billion, followed by the United States with $40.54 billion. On the European continent, the GGR was 87.2 billion euros.

The Business Research Company conducted an analysis of the gambling entertainment market, and determined that in 2022 it amounted to $449.04 billion.

The annual growth rate of the gambling industry is 56.4% (CAGR). Therefore, according to forecasts, in 2027 the gambling entertainment market will grow to 765.89 billion US dollars (2.2% growth per year). review

The gambling industry, such as gambling and betting, has a positive impact on the economies of countries and the global community. Further development and understanding of economic benefits requires the creation of open market rules, the development of appropriate legislation, as well as the introduction of new innovative technologies and solutions that contribute to the development of the economy.

Behind 12 years of work in the field of IT for the gambling industry Bet B2B has formed a pool of services that allow customers to take a leading position in the market.

A bet-b2b representative says that their priority is to help companies. They work in B2B format and are always looking for new solutions to improve their products. solution overview

Flagship betting companies and online casinos require the creation of a simple and functional platform with an intuitive interface.

In order for the resource to meet modern requirements, it must be constantly updated and improved. Bet B2B is a company that provides services for the creation of such sites.

If you need to integrate the API into a ready-made betting company and adapt the design to 100% meet your requirements, then Bet B2B will help you do it as efficiently as possible. She offers working solutions:

  1. Spotbook API
  2. Real Solution
  3. Turnkey Solution

“Our company is focused on creating a quality product. We provide proven and effective integrated solutions. From the very beginning, we have set ourselves the goal of helping the applied companies to find their niche in the market and receive sufficient profit for development. The bet-b2b com team takes into account current trends. We go through the most difficult stages of work in order to eliminate technical risks as much as possible in the implementation of any project,” Bet B2B representative.

Bet B2B Solutions review IT services for betting business

  1. Affiliate program – used to create an affiliate network
  2. back-office– this tool provides the ability to monitor financial flows in real time during the activity of gamblers. There is an option for employees to edit and create different profiles.
  3. Agent scheme– a multi-level service, has flexible options for setting the amount of commission fees. Supports multiple languages.
  4. CMS BetB2B– allows you to customize the site for yourself. This tool is ideal if you need to organize content and create an advertising landing page. Tool is used when creating a promotional landing page.
  5. CRM bet-b2b.comis a system that allows owners of online casinos and gambling sites to conduct a thorough analysis of user activity.

It is a great option to keep the preferences of the players, offering them to take advantage of relevant bonuses as part of an advertising campaign. CRM also calculates the effectiveness and feasibility of such proposals. Setting up alerts, notifications, communication with gamblers, data on player segmentation, information on popular bets, detailed reports and statistics on the main metric.

These 5 services are very effective and proven complex. But they are not provided separately from the turnkey solution – the platform.

Platform from

Turnkey Solution is an ideal option for high-quality projects that want to become flagships in the betting and gambling market. Such a turnkey solution makes it possible to launch an online casino platform with a betting option on one site with a high conversion rate as soon as possible. But there is an important clarification: the ready-made solution is suitable for betting and gambling operators that have a license, payment and legal infrastructure.

Turnkey Solution Bet B2B is a package of such solutions and services: Toto; Live Casino; Virtual Sports; slots; sportsbook; back office; CRM CMS; Games of own development; Access to thousands of games from over 100 providers; Technical support – 2-line support; more than 250 secure payment processing and acceptance methods for betting companies and online casinos.

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