Best slot games released by Yggdrasil Gaming

Malta-based developer Yggdrasil is a mainstay in the online gaming world due to countless hit releases, a developer that isn’t afraid to experiment every now and again to bring its player base something unique to experience! We consider Yggdrasil Gaming to be one of the best in the game right now, ask any avid online gaming enthusiast, they’ll tell you everything you need to know about these guys and more! 

The company opened their digital doors all the way back in 2013 and have only grown exponentially as time has gone on, finding new footing in various new markets that had otherwise gone without previous! Their logo is almost as distinct as the slots/casino games they produce, a tree that looks just as rich as the last time we laid eyes on it spinning one of their games! 

Knowing where to start in the Yggdrasil Gaming catalogue can be difficult, especially to an outsider that might not know where to start — right now we count around a hundred new slot games in their catalogue, this can make choosing the right one without outside bias somewhat difficult. Thankfully you’ve stumbled across this article, one written by a slot machine expert, now, let’s dive in shall we, here are the best slot games released by Yggdrasil Gaming! 


Vikings Go Berzerk Slots game

A viking epic fit for any scallywag who dares take to the seven seas! Compared to some of the other slots in their catalogue, this is an example of one of their best — one that has amassed quite the following since its initial release! One of the major highlights here is the RTP percentage, a number that sits pretty at around 95% or so, thus meaning every penny you spend will be returned with interest. 

Whenever the player can hit the free spins, they will also be gifted with a random bonus of some kind. In the Ragnarök free spins, multiple icons will go rampant, causing the entire game to shake pretty much, granting you access to countless boosts to scores. We should also mention the treasure chest you see on the reels from time to time, try matching it on the fifth reel exclusively for a bigger bonus! 


Orient Express Slot

Who wouldn’t want to take a ride on the Orient Express? This 20 payline game is one of the most prestigious of all slots from Yggdrasil Gaming, one that doesn’t require a ticket but will need your undivided attention if you hope to succeed where so many have failed! Like the previous slot machine in our list, Orient Express is all about giving the customer what they want with a 96% RTP percentage! 

Some of the various bonuses here can change your financial situation in an instant if you’re playing on a larger amount. Walking wilds, win multipliers, wild reels and random wilds are all at your disposal here, available from the jump! You don’t have to be posh to be privileged here people, now come on, all aboard the Orient Express, choo choo! 


Gem Rocks – New online slot

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, Yggdrasil Gaming go and create something very unique, so unique in fact that various other developers have tried to recapture the same sort of magic, introducing, Gem Rocks! The story of this slot alone is worth the price of admission in all honesty, a slot that depicts various rock monsters living in perfect harmony amidst the mountains, help them and they’ll pay you handsomely! 

If you have never played a cluster slot before then you are in for a real treat here. Cluster slots aren’t like your run of the mill, left-to-right slot machine, no, they require a lot more attention — not to worry, since this is an incredibly unique slot to say the least. In a cluster slot you can match symbols both horizontally and vertically with a minimum of 4×4 symbols needed to form a winning combination. Expect only the unexpected from Yggdrasil Gaming’s best kept secret in Gem Rocks. 


Double Dragons Casino Slot

Game of Thrones made dragons cool again, but Double Dragons never needed the rub. In Double Dragons you enter the lair of two dragons, one made of fire, the other of ice. It is up to you to navigate your way through their domain to grab the gold! The first thing you’ll notice about Double Dragons is just how detailed it is, the gameplay ain’t half bad either guys! Think you’re up for the challenge? You best be sure because you’ll be eaten alive otherwise. 

One of the best features in Double Dragons comes via the two beasts themselves. Whenever you activate these two you’ll be given something unique to play with. The fire dragon here will give you random wilds to play with, while the ice dragon will give punters a 2x multiplier to mess around with! The goal of anyone brave enough to see these dragons should be to enter the free spins mode, it comes with all sorts of multipliers to help you on your way to legendary status! 


Penguin City 

Penguin City is so like our own you don’t even know! This slot is all about helping some overworked penguins break free from their boss, an emperor penguin that is clearly taking the Mick! As far as looks go, Penguin City is definitely up there with some of the best games in their catalogue that’s for sure, looking almost like the infamous penguins from the Madagascar movies. 

So what can you expect to see on the bonus front in Penguin City? Quite a lot actually, everything from sticky wilds to a free spins and all that good stuff! Be sure to look out for the dastardly emperor penguin here, he is a stacked wild icon that can cause your scores to skyrocket if you can find him!

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