Best sites with good profits potential for 2021

It is very encouraging to know that a growing number of people are becoming more interested in the cryptocurrency market and view bitcoin as a store of value. Indeed, bitcoin interest has massively surged due to the ravaging effects of the coronavirus pandemic on world’s economies. 

Typically, there are two standard methods used to invest in the cryptocurrency market:

  • HODLing: In this method, traders purchase cryptocurrencies like BTC and hold them for the long term despite the volatile nature.
  • Trading: This is for short term investors who buy low and sell high to make quick profits. 

Furthermore, professional traders use margin trading to loan funds from crypto platforms to trade a greater quantity of a particular cryptocurrency. For instance, if your crypto exchange account has $100, you can use 100X leverage and invest like you have $10,000. In margin trading, there is a high leverage which results in more profits. However, it is more riskier as well.

Every trader out there has one goal, to make profits on the capital invested. To begin your crypto investment journey, you need to register with a good crypto exchange or trading platform. Such platforms enable users to buy or sell digital assets 24/7 to make the maximum profits possible. 

When it comes to finding a good cryptocurrency exchange age or trading platform, there are a few aspects to consider. These aspects include: security, liquidity, available transaction modes, fees, and the ease of use. Looking at the above aspects, we prepared a list of the best crypto trading sites with the most profit potential. Nevertheless, before starting your trading journey, you should know that trading is a risky investment and could result in capital loss. 

Best sites to buy, sell and trade digital assets

1. Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era platform is among the most reliable, productive and rational cryptocurrency trading softwares. The platform is simple to use and leverages advanced algorithms to discover the most profitable and dependable investment opportunities. Bitcoin Era’s trading robots can be used in both manual and auto modes. However, the auto trader is the most essential feature on the platform since it eases all the complexities and difficulties related to cryptocurrency trading. 

Although the cryptocurrency sector is prone to cyber attacks and security breaches, Bitcoin Era employs SSL encryption and other advanced security features to ensure data and funds are secure. The platform processes withdrawal requests within 24 hours while However, Joining Bitcoin Era is completely charge free and everyone can join. The software is easy to use for both experienced traders and newbies as the auto trading feature does almost everything on behalf of the user. The only thing a user is required to do is to adjust the parameters such as order limits to ensure maximum profitability and minimum losses. 

2. BitMEX

BitMEX (Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange) is among the biggest crypto exchange platforms in the world. The platform was established back in 2014  Arthur Hayes (CEO), Ben Delo (CSO) and Samuel Reed (CTO).and operates as a crypto derivatives exchange. As a derivatives platform, users don’t really buy the actual cryptocurrencies rather they speculate using derivatives. 

Moreover, BitMEX is highly regarded by investors and offers margin trading services. Margin trading can be very risky for beginners, so it is tailored for the experienced traders. BitMEX is one of the best platforms to practice margin trading in 2021.

3. Binance

Binance is among the best exchange platforms globally. Its official site has an inherent friendly user interface and provides users with different trading options. Furthermore, Binance has provided its account holders with a mobile application for both IoS and android operating systems. All the transactions on the exchange can be managed through the mobile application. 

On top of cryptocurrency trading, Binance offers a variety of ways for Binancers to generate additional income on capital invested. Some of these methods include futures, staking assets, peer-to-peer trading, the Binance Smart Pool and many others. 


KuCoin was launched into the crypto exchanges market back in 2017. The platform is one of the most competitive in the market, offering more than 200 cryptocurrency pairs. During launch, KuCoin started as a crypto-to-crypto trading platform. However, the platform has now added plenty more services and methods to earn profits. 

KuCoin offers margin trading features for professional traders,P2P platform, and the KuCoin traders incentive tokens. Moreover, executing trades on KuCoin is completely free. However, one drawback by KuCoin is that it does not offer fiat trading pairs. KuCoin got attacked by hackers back in September but no user funds were stolen. 


The above four platforms complete our review on the best cryptocurrency platforms to join in 2021. The platforms have been improving their service offering all through their existence. The incorporation of advanced features and algorithms have made these platforms more reliable and profitable to even beginners. This article is here to guide both newbies and professional on the best platforms to invest their funds.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.