Best Online Casino Software Providers in 2022

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The recent pandemic showed another face of Gambling, i.e., Online, and it gained massive popularity because of the same gaming features that physical casino gives. Furthermore, there is also speculation that Gambling is stepping into Metaverse, and once it comes in full fledge, the players will get the essence of a real casino in the virtual world. Well, all such cases are possible through the software as they simplify the casino world and allow the users to access the game efficiently on an online platform. There are hundreds of such software, but some have gained popularity, and this article covers such online casino software giants who are the best in this industry.

Top 6 Giant Online Casino Service Providers of 2022

If you are aware of the gambling business, you must know that this business goes through many strict rules and regulations. Likewise, in online gambling also, the same things happen, so the software provider companies give a lot of time and effort to meet the expectations. Furthermore, they have to go through various tests and verifications, and once the same is approved by the International Authorities (Malta Gaming Authority) and respective Government, then they execute it to the online portal.

1) Microgaming

Microgaming firm stepped into the online field in the year 1994, and after setting the benchmark for the software in the gambling industry, it has become the leading online casino software provider. The firm understands what the casino universe needs, and considering the same, it designs and develops the software. The effort & dedication shown by Microgaming helps the same to bag many prestigious awards. Casinos like Joker123 and Gclub successfully utilize Microgaming slot games.

The agency has also built around 800 casino games, and the same is available at the websites owned by Microgaming. The company injected several games into the online casino websites, and a few such sites are Griffon Casino, The Grand Ivy, Grosvenor Casinos, and 32 Red. Instead of these websites, Microgaming has also designed 25 roulettes, 60 live dealer titles, poker titles, and significantly more. In a nutshell, this company is the leading online casino software provider, and it offers a complete package of Online Gambling.

2) Playtech

Playtech is the contemporary of Microgaming that stepped into the online market in the year 1999. The firm managed to give consistent effort in offering online casino and gaming software and thus became the giant in this field. Playtech has developed many casinos software for the games, such as table games, slots, bingo, sports betting websites, and significantly more.

The firm offers ample games, and a few of them are also available on some websites such as William Hill,, Mansion Casino, and Ladbrokes. The number of casino games developed by Playtech is in hundreds, and they are in various genres. So, undoubtedly, Playtech is next after Microgaming in the list of best online casino software providers.

3) Evolution

Evolution gained its popularity through live dealer casino software as it was huge in demand, and the firm managed successfully to fill the same. The firm is best in developing the format of live gaming that enables the users to get the true essence of the casino. Furthermore, Evolution has never put hands on other software of casinos, such as bingo, table games, and slots; instead, the firm poured out the entire effort on single casino game format, i.e., Live Dealer Software.

Till now, the company has designed many online casino games that include 70 roulettes, 200 blackjack games, and many others. The firm not only believes in designing only casino games but in offering the best to the users, which includes HD graphics, a multi-camera view of the tables, and significantly more.

4) NetEnt

NetEnt is one of the largest online casino software providing firms, and it believes in quality rather than quantity. The firm has managed to capture one of the chief areas of the casino, i.e., Live Dealer, as the demand for the same is more, and NetEnt has developed ample and top-quality live dealer games for the users.

NetEnt has also put a hand on other titles, and the major one is the online slot games. The company knows the demand for online slot games, so it has designed such games by offering top-notch quality so that the users will get the true essence of physical casinos.

5) iSoftBet

The firm has been running the online casino business since 1996, and till then, it has offered ample casino software and games. The company successfully managed to run the slot and other casino games on mobile, and thus it made a significant landmark in the online gambling industry.

The casino games designed by the firm are highly optimized, which helps the users easily access them on Mobile or Desktop. The casino games designed by iSoftBet are Hot Spin, Gold Digger, The Fortune Pig, Sea Of Riches, and others.

6) Betsoft

Betsoft has been ruling the online gambling industry for the past decade as it offers unique and latest online casino games. Furthermore, the firm always hunts for ways to execute new technology in the casino games, and recently HTML 5 based technology game is already in hype where the users can access the games from mobile and desktop too.

Betsoft focuses primarily on casino table games as they are always at their peak, and the users love the same. The execution of HD graphics on table games (roulette, blackjack, etc.) is the art of Betsoft, and no doubt, the firm has perfectly accomplished the same.

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, the gambling business is rising, and an online platform has boosted the same. Therefore, many giant software companies are diving into the gambling ocean, intending to design the latest casino software to give the utmost casino services to the users. Furthermore, they are also designing unique and attractive websites where the players can play casino games efficiently.

In the coming years, the demand for casino software will increase, and likewise, many new software providing companies will arise in the market. Still, the best are the ones who fulfil the online gambling criteria, such as safety, compatibility, diversification of games, payout norms, and others.

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