Best Marketing Practices to Get More Leads For Your Law Firm?


By Helena Zimmer

Everyone wants their business to stand out, they do it by giving the best services, trying best marketing strategies and staying in touch with all new trends, so they can get more and more leads.

According to the survey of 2017 by AccuRaker, the niche of legal services had been the most competitive one. When the competition is so high, the number of clients divide, so the legal firm should adopt some best lawyer marketing practices to get maximum leads.

In California there are ten car-accident law firms, but 70% of potential clients are expected to be divided among three main firms, due to their great marketing practices, which ends up giving them more leads.

Well, your law firm can adopt the same law firm marketing practices to get more leads, which can be changed into clients in future.


1. Draw lead generation to your site

The stats shows that 92% of online people make searches even when they don’t really need it , the search could be for any  educational purpose rather than an actual consultation, and this is the lead generation for law firms as they are the potential future clients. Following are the techniques to capture these lead generations.

  • Exit-Intent pop-up

An exit-intent pop is what appears when the user is just about to leave the website, the user is given an offer which drives him back to the site.

 As in , a searcher visits a site of personal injury lawyer in Phoenix, after surfing for a few seconds he decides to leave and exactly before that he sees an exit-intent pop up which says “you must be just browsing, but we are here to answer your questions. 

“Do you need help? ”yes or no”. 

This will increase the time of a surfer on your site. Exit-intent pop up has the chance to increase the conversion to 5 to 10%. Try that exit-intent pop up is disable for the people who already are your clients.

  • Host webinars

Running a law firm can at times be complicated. Most of the people in need of a lawyer firstly expect a consultation where they can clear their queries, like how long their case can take, what are possible outcomes and so on.

Hosting a webinar is the best way to capture all those potential clients, where you can communicate with them and tell them about your firm’s way of leading a case, their speciality, and what makes them different or better.

Like a “ wrongful death law firm in New york” arranges a webinar on following topics.

  • Wrongful death claims: five things to know
  • A live Q/A session with an experienced wrongful-death lawyer.
  • Want to win the case? Here is how you can prepare.
  • Know about the legal process of accidental death cases.

Ways you can attract potential clients to attend webinar:

Fill a form: make a visitor on your site fill a form, with the basic information of the client.

Social media: Stay consistent with your social media accounts and share images, videos related to your webinar.`

2. Optimize your law firm web page

Your website is the first thing that someone will visit before becoming a client, so it should be facilitating for the visitor. It’s useless that you generate a lot of traffic on your site but fail to convert them into clients.

Best ways to optimize your site:

  • Use easy to understand language for your site content.
  • Prefer quality of content over quantity, use bullets and smaller paragraphs.
  • Use of images and videos related to your firm.
  • Put Call to action (CTA) , which is a statement that urges the visitor to act. 

For instance, if a person visits a “ personal injury lawyer” site which works as a non-profit organization, they have a CTA  as “GET TO KNOW US ” which goes exactly with the theme and idea  of a non profit law firm.

 3. Personalize your call to action (CTA)

  It is said that the personalized CTA has 202% higher chance of conversion, as told above call to action are prompting tools like download now, subscribe now etc.

Law firms can use clients’ geographical data and browsing history to differentiate between clients and leads, and present customized CTA, also called dynamic CTA, as it changes according to the viewer, and is more impactful

4. Gated content on your website 

Gated content also known as lead magnet is basically an offer like “ download” “free trial” for any content like ebook, pdf etc,  which is given in exchange of small information about visitors, it can be their name or contact number.

The purpose of gated content is to get the visitor information so then you market your firm.


You can promote the gated content on social media which will generate leads to your law firm, 

Your law firm can make posts which will direct the viewers on landing pages, where they can have the gated content in exchange of information.

5. Personalize Google Ads

Google ads is great way to bring more traffic on your law firm site, and in order to increase more leads its best to personalize google ads and this can be done by the use of dynamic keyword insertion, to make your google ad text more appropriate and relatable to the searcher’s query.

Like you can have a number of keywords and google will bring the one most close to the searcher’s query, on top.

Let’s just assume that your personal injury law firm has made a google ad and their keywords are like car accident lawyer, truck accident lawyer, pedestrian accident lawyer, a searcher writes truck accident lawyer and the results come with the same keyword as the visitor has more chance of opening up the site with same name as his query.

6. Use video content

80% people tend to remember what they see and experience, so the video content can have a huge impact on generating leads. A law firm can have a landing page which can even provide gated video content. 

A law firm can use facebook or youtube to market their video content as these two sites have a great audience, small educational videos related to legal issues like how you can file a wrongful death lawsuit, what is the procedure, things to keep in mind before filing a lawsuit and so on.

This will give your website an organic reach and so many leads, as well as building a strong relation between you and your viewers and there will be a greater chance that they will choose your firm when needed.


Search engine optimization is the organic way to bring your website on top google searches using different techniques of link building, keywords etc.

Seo can help your law firm to attract great traffic and potential leads.  It is one of the most used marketing strategies for better leads these days. If you would want to learn about SEO, you may read the guide here.


Above are the best ways for more leads on your law firm site. Whatever method you use for your firm, be patient with the results, and never stop looking for more leads, because it’s never enough. It’s better to keep trying different marketing strategies to analyze which works better in your practice area.

About the Author

Helena Zimmer is a digital marketing enthusiast and a content creator. She loves to talk about SEO and when she is free she loves to travel and watching documentaries.

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