Best Home Office Paint Colors to Boost Productivity


The roads to business success are as numerous and varied. However, no one can deny that being able to attain a high level of productivity and keeping your employees happy and engaged lies at the very core of most of these approaches.

But, what can one company do to keep its staff in high gear? And, in this case, the solutions at our disposal are just as versatile, interesting, and, in some cases, very unexpected.

That brings us to the topic of basic colors that were always painted with a great deal of symbolism and had a powerful effect on the human psyche. So much so that leveraging these underlying color meanings in your offices can also have an incredibly powerful influence on the productivity.

Let us take a look then at how can this effect be achieved and with what colors.

Red colors

Out of all colors in existence, the color red takes the most meanings in different cultures. However, no matter whether you see it as a warning, a sign of danger, or a good omen, the jarring red tones always draw attention and invoke a strong sense of urgency. Some would say this color is also capable of raising the occupant’s energy level. With that in mind, sporadic use of energizing red color makes a perfect match for dynamic workplaces or ones that involve a dose of physical labor like construction sites. However, try not to go overboard since too much red can produce a jarring and aggravating effect.

Blue colors

Blue Room--

To understand this one, you only need to check a couple of the coolest offices in Australia which, by all means, serves as an example of a trendy corporate playground. One thing all these spaces have in common is that they either leverage vast open spaces or use blue color to do that. So, if your offices are lacking space, mirrors, natural light, and serene blue colors can go a long way in opening it up and making it more pleasant for the inhabitants. This color is also associated with focus and mindfulness so, you can use it in office spaces that could benefit from a more relaxing vibe, stability, and creativity.

Green colors

The color green shares a lot of inherent traits with blue, so if we once again take Australia for example, we will see professional residential painters in Sydney and other big local cities having their hands full with this one. However, unlike blue which is airier, opens up the space, and stimulates creativity, green inspires more earthly vibes and keeps things grounded. You also get a very strong calming effect so it’s really no surprise you will see a lot of greens used in medical offices. Therefore, if your staff needs to plow through long hours of hard work, reassuring, soothing, and tranquil greens are the right pick.

Yellow and orange colors

Speaking strictly in symbolic terms, yellow is seen as the color of avarice which doesn’t really qualify it as a good pick for harmonious workplaces. Be that as it may, the psychological effect of yellow and its derivates like orange is actually quite positive and creates an aura of energy, happiness, and joy. That is why if you are feeling your workplace is low energy and your employees are sluggish, small pops of yellow and bright orange could drastically improve the atmosphere and kick everyone in the room into high gear. We say small pops since, much like reds, excessive yellows cause severe eyestrain.

Grey colors

The color gray feels metallic, futuristic, and sleek so it’s really no surprise you will see it in a lot of sci-fi movies as well as splattered all over Apple’s premises. And to be honest, this color does look incredibly clean, subdued, and efficient, so if these are the traits you are pursuing knock yourself out. Still, we would like to point out that overuse of grey, silver, and similar colors can also produce a very sterile and even depressing ambiance. So, keep it restrained or use slightly hued alternatives instead. Take, for instance, the light blue that retains the same efficient look but ends up being far more vivid.

Brown colors

Brown Room-

Last but not least, we would like to quickly cover yet another insanely popular office staple – brown. And what are the first things that cross your mind when you think about the color brown? That’s right, wood and earth – both words feel immensely strong, powerful, and reliable. And yet the colors are at the same time very earthly, and organic, creating a natural feel and presenting the default color of furniture so you have solid foundations to build upon. If there is one thing to take away, though, is that unless the indoor space is opened in some way, excessive browns can create a cramped and claustrophobic feel.

So, there you have it – some of the most popular colors used in present-day offices and the ways how they can be leveraged in the most optimal manner. As we said earlier in the introduction, the roads to keeping your workers motivated and productive are literally countless. The more of these methods you use, the stronger results you will be able to get. Proper use of indoor office colors, therefore, won’t solve all of your productivity problems, but it will definitely give you string wind at your back.

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