Best Crypto Games You Can Play Today


As a longtime cryptocurrency investor and gaming enthusiast, I’ve spent the last few years exploring the exciting world of crypto games. These games integrate blockchain technology, NFTs, and play-to-earn mechanics that reward players with real crypto tokens and assets.

After testing dozens of crypto game titles across multiple platforms like Ricky Casino and genres, I’ve compiled my list of the best crypto games you can play today as either a gamer looking for fun or an investor seeking potential profits.

Axie Infinity – My Top Pick for Combined Fun and Rewards

Without a doubt, Axie Infinity remains the most popular and rewarding crypto game on the market right now. It blends Pokémon-style monster battling with complex RPG elements and a player-driven economy fueled by the game’s SLP and AXS tokens.

As an early Axie adopter, I’ve been impressed with how invested the development team at Sky Mavis has remained while also rapidly innovating new game modes like Axie Origin and land gameplay. Plus, with triple-A studio Ubisoft recently investing in Sky Mavis, Axie’s future looks brighter than ever.

Splinterlands – The Best Crypto Card Game

For a more strategic crypto game that anyone can start playing for free, I recommend trying out Splinterlands. It offers dynamic fantasy battles where you collect cards to build armies and outsmart human opponents.

As an avid card game fan, I immediately took to Splinterlands’ simple yet addictive gameplay. By combining my gaming skills with buying, selling, and renting cards on Splinterlands’ open marketplace, I’ve built up a formidable deck and a respectable income from playing.

There is also lots of room for advanced strategy, including optimizing your mana usage, tweaking summoner abilities, and factoring in terrain effects.

Blankos Block Party – Top Pick for Creativity and Customization

While still technically in open beta, Blankos Block Party has already won me over with its bursting creativity and quirky style. Part toy collectible game, part shooter arena battle extravaganza, Blankos mashes up the best aspects of games like Little Big Planet and Super Smash Bros.

As someone who used to buy every Funko Pop I could find, the vinyl toy aesthetic immediately appealed to me. Being able to purchase NFT Blankos, style them with crazy accessories, and then battle them in mini-games offers endless customization. There is also a diverse community of player creators contributing new levels, gameplay modes, and even Blanko designs.

Despite being free-to-play, dedicated players can generate solid NFT profits by selling rare Blankos and cosmetic items. With additional play-to earn features still in development, Blankos’ long-term crypto earning upside remains very strong.

Data Table: Crypto Games by Genre

Game Genre Platform Initial Cost Daily Profit Potential
Axie Infinity Monster Battle & Breeding Android, iOS, Windows $300+ $10-$100+
Splinterlands Trading Card Game Web Browser Free $5-$50
Blankos Block Party Creative Action & Collection Windows, Web Free $5-$20
The Sandbox Best Crypto Metaverse Game

The Sandbox – Best Crypto Metaverse Game

No list of crypto games is complete without mentioning The Sandbox. As one of the earliest play-to-earn metaverse worlds, The Sandbox features a delightful voxel aesthetic that pulls you into its blockchain-powered virtual realm.

With over 50 experiences to explore, there are limitless games to play and quirky NFTs to collect from The Sandbox. Whether racing vehicles across the Death Z Run track, enjoying a rousing game of SAND Wars FPS deathmatch, or customizing my avatar with the absolute latest gear, I always find immersive new ways to have fun – and earn SAND tokens along the way.

While much gameplay still remains centralized on The Sandbox servers, the continuous work by developers Animoca Brands to further decentralize the metaverse offers hope for maximum ownership of in-game assets in the future.

Crypto Royale – Top F2P Crypto Battler with Competitive Tournaments

If you’re seeking a more casual browser-based title with some of the lowest barriers to entry in crypto gaming, Crypto Royale is a must-try. Its tile-flipping gameplay offers an enjoyable casual experience with the added incentive of ranked leaderboards, cash prizes via tournaments, and NFT rewards funded by royalties.

Playing feels like a mix of Tetris battles and poker strategy, with special game-changing power-ups keeping tension levels high. Despite the simple graphics and gameplay, don’t underestimate Crypto Royale – top players use clever psychological strategies to come out on top.

With a daily jackpot of 1000 ROY paid to the top ranked player and a running prize pool from discounted secondary royalties, it’s possible to earn a nice side income from skilled play and a bit of luck. And for a game running completely on the blockchain without centralized servers, that degree of reliability is quite remarkable.

Gods Unchained – The Best Crypto TCG with Stunning Graphics

When I first loaded up Gods Unchained several months ago, I was stunned by its beautiful graphics and cinematic gameplay presentation. This is undoubtedly the most polished-looking blockchain aviator game on the market right now, with rich visual effects and buttery smooth card battles.

Developer Immutable Games has assembled an all-star team of digital artists and designers from ultra-popular franchises like Magic The Gathering, Hearthstone, and even the God of War console games. So Gods Unchained certainly nails its epic fantasy aesthetic and collectible appeal.

All assets in the game take the form of publicly visible NFTs recorded on layer-two Ethereum chains for trustless transparency. So the rare cards you earn and purchase hold long-term collectible value, with price discovery occurring on emerging secondary markets.

Town Star – Top Crypto Sim/Strategy Hybrid by Gala Games

For more casual gameplay in shorter bite-sized chunks, Town Star by blockchain gaming pioneers Gala Games is a great crypto title that will suck you in with its charm and possibilities.

As a long-time fan of sim-builders, I fell hard for the small-town Americana feel and decorative creativity possible in Town Star. With weekly competitions incentivizing the biggest charming towns brimming with businesses, I often lose hours without even noticing. And listening to the cheers of my citizens as my population grows from efficient road planning genuinely brings joy during my play sessions.

But more advanced economic strategy lurks below the cute graphics and sounds. With businesses having unique inputs and outputs along supply chains, efficient business placement and commercial optimization becomes key. Understanding asset cycles also allows wise players to maximize profits by targeting inventory sell-offs at peak demand. With so many variables at play, no two towns ever turn out the same.

Uplift World – Most Innovative Environmental Crypto Game

Combining planetary conservation themes with NFT appeals, Uplift World stands out as one of the most innovative and socially conscious crypto games under development right now. The beautiful low-poly visuals and tranquil soundscapes produce a meditative, almost spiritual gameplay vibe.

As an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast, I adore going on foraging journeys to photograph unique wildlife while learning about sustainability and ecology facts. With plans to donate a portion of NFT sales to environmental conservation efforts, Uplift World aims to educate people about the climate crisis while incentivizing planet-positive behaviors via blockchain technology.

Uplift also contains staking, breeding, carbon credit, and collaborative web3 elements still being refined for long-term sustainability aims over quick financial gains. While still quite small, the Uplift World community has some of the most thoughtful and committed players I’ve met in crypto gaming.

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