Best Castles in Luxembourg, Everything You Need to Know


Luxembourg has over 50 castles scattered around lush forest and green valleys.

Many Luxembourgish castles are open to visitors, and we have selected our 4 favourites. Fairy tale castles and fortresses, palaces and ruins of a medieval past that remains preserved in this country.

All of these castles are easily reached from the City of Luxembourg, and we will explain how to get there.


Vianden is considered one of the largest fortified castles in Western Europe. Records show its construction goes back all the way to the eleventh century. Its architecture combines Roman and Gothic details, with more recent styles, creating a unique combination.

While for years the castle remained abandoned and unmaintained, recent restoration works have left it in pristine condition, and it makes for an excellent visit for those looking to have a peak at how life was long ago.

Vianden is located north of Luxembourg, it takes less than 30 minutes by car from the city, taking the N17. There are also public buses that go all the way to the castle.

Beaufort Castles

Beaufort is an interesting visit, without a doubt. Not only is there a Medieval castle that, while not so well kept, still transports visitors to almost 1000 years ago, there is also a Renaissance castle that has been preserved perfectly. 

Both castles are built one next to the other. The more recent one was built in the 1600s and offers an excellent opportunity to waltz around the life of the nobility at that time.

Beaufort is located towards the East of the city and it takes 20 minutes to arrive by car, or an hour by public transport.

Grand Ducal Palace

Located in the heart of the City of Luxembourg, the Grand Ducal Palace functions as residence for the Duke when fulfilling political duties in the city. 

It’s a massive building with a famous façade dating back to the 1600s in the typical Flemish Renaissance style.  A must-see in the city. In the summer months, there are tour guides inside the palace, a chance no one should miss.

Esch-sur-Sûre Castle

While the fortified castle of Esch-sur-Sûre is now in ruins, still its presence looms over the town bearing the same name. 

Surrounded on 3 sides by the Sûre river, it was positioned strategically to protect the area. Records show the first tower was built at the beginning of the 900s and the castle shows details of the gothic style, typical in Europe in the 13th century. 

Definitely one of our favourite options, ideal for those looking for adventure, the castle is lit at night, creating a very scenic effect and restoring its magic.

Esch-sur-Sûre is Northwest of the City of Luxembourg. It takes 30 minutes by car on the N15. There are also buses that take you there, the journey takes a bit over 2 hours.

How to get to Luxembourg

Luxembourg, nested in the heart of Europe, is easily reached by road, bus, train or plane. Its neighbours countries, France, Belgium and Germany, have train services all the way to the City of Luxembourg, capital and main hub for the region. 

It’s also possible to fly into the international airport in Luxembourg. Flights from all over Europe and other destinations depart and arrive in this airport. 

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