Best BTC SV Wallet: Some Secure Place to Store BSV

BTC SV Wallet

First of all, to choose a BSV wallet, we need to find our answers to some questions. Like we should know when and how to use bitcoin SV. It has some ecosystem that should be taken advantage of, so first of all know how you can invest in it. The Bitcoin Legend site is the most popular of all the Blockchain software because it safe your cryptocurrency In this article we will go through some of the best Bitcoin SV wallets:

Considered a fork of Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash. There are also some wallets that we can very easily customize through the code base of all bitcoins. There are many third-party and multi-currency wallets that always provide support for Bitcoin SV. The “best” wallet with all of our merchants including security, usability as well as proactive, thorough development, and community support is only based on various factors but there have been few other wallets that only support this. Let us know about some of the best places which are as follows.


Coinomi was first launched in early 2014. It is considered to be one of the multi-asset wallets, not only that but it is also called by all of us a certified security wallet. If we talk about the last several years, no one has been able to hack it yet. Coinomi supports approximately 125 blockchains simultaneously, which is a must for our all-in-list wallet. We are almost all over-represented desktop operating systems and major mobiles which, similar to the above, are completely non-custodial. But with this, we get full permission to swap cryptocurrencies as well as go inside them.

Atomic Wallet

As far as Guarda is concerned, its Atomic Wallet is non-custodial, which supports over 510 crypto assets seamlessly. Not only this but it has also been made available on mobile and desktop. All these built-in exchanges allow us to buy BSV inside the wallet. Atomic Wallet has a few important features that are similar to Guarda. If we think that BSV should be stored completely with other coins, then we download both of these wallets completely and see how it looks. You know we can evaluate all interfaces whenever we want, even without funding.


Whenever we are initiating any work with BSV Wallet, Handcash is considered one of them. It has a different team that praises each coin so much that there comes a time when they call themselves bitcoin wallet support. You should know that the interface of Wallet is just a simple process and it is made available only for one or more Android and IOS devices. Specifically, it is called “keyless”. We are authorized in this only with the help of phone numbers and email. However, still, we have seen the wallet as non-custodial with no access to the money. HandCash only allows connection of 3rd party apps as well as some games to fully earn BSV along with cheap nano payments.


Do you know that the first bitcoin edge wallet was created in the year 2014? All the user’s trust Edge more and when it comes to the App Store, it has currently seen a rating of 4.5. The wallet is provided for mobile phones and supports almost more than 10 cryptocurrencies at once such as BSV, BTC, DigiByte, BCH, Or Dash, Ethereum, Stellar, Monero, Litecoin, EOS and XRP. Some such built-in swap tools are provided here. If we talk compared to Atomic and Guarda then we have to first login in to edge with the username and password. Access is always provided with a password or our fingerprint. Edge also becomes non-custodial when login is done in the system, and we have to log in to another wallet from a new device for which we only need the recovery phrase a lot.

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