Best 10 Email Signature Tools For Managers

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According to Newoldstamp’s “The State of Business Email Marketing Report,” 40% of marketers and sales representatives send 18 personalized business emails each day. If we multiply them by 20 workdays, we’ll see that an average employee at small and medium-size organizations has 360 personalized email communications monthly. That’s 4000+ targeted messages per year per team member.

By not using regular work emails for promotion purposes, businesses lose potential clients and branding opportunities.

The same above-mentioned report says that 62% of surveyed who use email signatures in their business conversations confirm that they treat sign-offs as an additional opportunity to give more visibility to their businesses.

Key elements of a professional email signature

If email is the main communication channel in your organization, don’t ignore it and leverage its marketing power. Use branded colors in your email footer, include relevant contact details, and a clear call to action to every message you send.

The basic elements of a professional email sign-off are:

  • Sender’s name
  • Company name (+department if necessary)
  • Job title
  • Essential contact details such as a phone number

Additional features of a professional email signature are: 

For marketing managers:

  • Social media icons
  • A link to the latest content
  • A link to blog subscription

For sales managers:

  • A promo banner with the latest offer
  • Holiday greeting message with a link to a promo page
  • Seasonal promotions

For client relations managers:

  • A link to a landing page with the company’s mission and services
  • A link to a video presentation of the company’s services
  • Customer reviews or testimonials

How to create a professional email signature for a manager

The easiest way to create a well-designed sign-off for emails is an email signature generator. It’s easy-to-use, inexpensive, and sometimes even free. 

Below are the 10 most popular email signature tools you can take advantage of. 

Create beautiful and functional email footers for your email in no time. Simply choose a template that suits your needs, put in your details, upload a photo or logo, and you’re done. Newoldstamp has a large library of templates for various fields and tastes. It’s also possible to add a promotional banner that attracts readers’ attention. So you can promote anything you want (new app release, landing page, sale, etc.). You can even add some info about the upcoming event in your company or let people schedule a meeting with you. The more email messages you send, the more people become aware of what you want to share. 

Price: free or from $8/month.

MySignature is designed to promote while communicating with customers, partners, and colleagues. The tool will help you build an email signature that suits your business needs. You will be able to enhance your professional image, utilize an extra (and free) marketing channel, and develop relationships based on trust. MySignature is perfect for sales & marketing managers, customer support representatives, recruiters, and other individuals working with clients. Furthermore, it is widely used by entrepreneurs, freelancers, and thought leaders. So, if you want a flawless, mobile-adaptable email signature with the option to choose from various templates designed with a brand voice in mind, try MySignature. 

Price: free or from $4/month.

The tool is perfect for marketers as it helps drive more engagement with new offers, best content, and company events using targeted promo banners in every day email messages. It also works great for sales departments as it allows them to see what potential clients do after receiving an email. It is possible to track engagement with email, links, attachments, and more.

Price: from $1 per user per month.

The software is extremely easy to use, has simple management for numerous signatures, allowing different templates for different users. So you can select one template for a marketing department and a completely different template for your sales team. 

Price: from 0.56€ per user per month (for large teams).

Another fantastic tool that transforms your business email communication into a creative and cost-effective marketing channel is Rocketseed. It puts marketers in control as it can help them achieve consistent branding, run targeted marketing campaigns, drive more traffic to a company website, promote the best content, and track every click to measure success – all through email signatures. With Rocketseed, you can be sure that email signatures display on every device and look stunning. You can also adapt signature templates for different departments.

Price: free or from £1 per user per month.

CodeTwo is a cloud-based email signature and disclaimer service that lets businesses design and centrally manage email signatures for all employees, devices, and email clients in the Microsoft 365 tenant. The software is perfect for large organizations. With its help, it’s possible to make quick changes to branding or special event marketing instead of having to ask all the employees to individually change their email sign-offs on each of their devices.

Price: from $1 per user per month.

Just like the above-mentioned tools, Exclaimer allows adding promotional banners for events, company news, or new content to drive engagement. If you create your signature with Exclaimer for all the team members’ email footers, you can be sure that the company branding will be consistent across every email message, every time. It is compatible with Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, and G-suite. On top of that, all signatures can be managed centrally. 

Price: available upon request. 

This tool offers everything marketing and sales people might need for their email signatures. This includes sales & marketing email signature templates, the ability to add promo banners, social media icons, multi-client integration, centralized management, and more. 

Price: free or from $5.80 per month.

Another great software that can help marketing managers get relevant content, events, offers, and even more in front of their audience is Mailtastic. It is possible to create email footers for the entire team and then update content in their email signatures when necessary. 

Price: available upon request. 

HubSpot’s email signature creator helps business people and brands look and feel more professional. You can create free, custom, branded email footers for you and your team in a matter of minutes. The tool is extremely easy-to-use. First, you need to fill in some personal details (i.e., your name, job title, phone number) in the boxes. After that, add your social media links to the signature. You can also customize fonts, colors, and other styles that suit your needs.

Price: free.

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