Benefits of New 2022 Online Casino Bonuses


Are you looking to maximize the fun and payout using the best casino bonuses in the new year? 

New online casino bonuses are being offered to players worldwide during the new year festive to help gamblers get into the generous Christmas mood. Portugal is one of the locations where players enjoy juicy bonuses offered by online casinos in the new year.

If you are ready, let’s dive into Santa’s sack and see what online casinos have to offer for players from Portugal in the new year, according to Martim Nabeiro’s suggestions, the top iGaming expert in Portugal.

New Online Casino Bonuses in Portugal

Online casinos in Portugal offer both new and existing players several bonuses in the new year for the best online games in the market. Besides the regular bonuses, they give out various exciting new year offers. These bonuses come in different forms – free spins, match bonus, welcome bonus, and much more.

These bonuses often come in different styles in the new year. Many casinos in Portugal put out new bonus codes; some give out other mouth-watering perks to celebrate the new season.

Without further ado, let’s go straight into how and why these new bonuses are things to look out for.

Match Bonus

Even though this bonus is a popular welcome bonus in Portugal casinos, they are often rebranded in the new year. A match bonus can help to boost your bankroll and keep you in the game for long.

Besides, the new year is when casinos give this perk in the most extensive form. Players can easily get more than a 100% match bonus, redeemable with a bonus code upon their deposits. 

Some match bonuses don’t even require a bonus code to redeem them. All you need is to indicate your interest, and the bonus will be automatically deposited.

Free Spins

Online casinos in Portugal don’t hesitate to roll out new free spin offers in the new year. You’ll find this at casinos that propose the best bonuses. Since slots are one of the most popular casino games, it’s no wonder that you can easily get a free spin bonus in the new year.

Besides the free spins, casinos also offer free spin rounds on popular slots during the new year. With this, you can win real money without staking a dime. 

A round of free spins is one of the best casino bonuses you can get in Portugal. This new bonus can land you lucky wins that’ll help you start the year on a bright note.

Note that some free spins are activated automatically, while some others require a bonus code for activation.

No Deposit Bonuses

What’s better than the sound of no deposit bonuses? Various new no deposit bonuses are being offered to players in the new year! When you play at casinos com bonus sem deposito, you stand the chance of winning without an initial deposit.

Yet, a no deposit bonus cash often comes in small amounts. You may not get more than €10 in free bonus. Nevertheless, it is a great way to win money without risk at online casinos in Portugal.

You can easily redeem a no deposit bonus using a bonus code (if the casino offers a code) or by simply indicating your interest in the bonus.

New Year Exclusives

This covers every other form of bonus Portuguese casinos give in the new year. This could include special promotions offered for a limited time like weekly cashback and rebates, weekend promotions, crypto bonuses, advent calendars, and many more.

Bonuses like cashback help you to recover part of your losses. Other exclusives are sure to make playing easier and stimulate you to land big wins. You should watch out for new year exclusives while choosing the casino which propose the best bonuses!

Things You Should Do Before Claiming a New Bonus

New bonuses are plentiful. They give us the needed motivation while playing. However, there are certain things you should consider while playing with new bonuses. These factors may include:

  • Wagering requirements
  • Bonus validity period
  • Eligible games
  • Other terms and conditions

Our expert Martin Nabeiro strongly suggests you study these thoroughly so that you can fully maximise the bonus offerings at your favourite online casinos in Portugal. 


You now know more about the best online casino bonuses in Portugal. What’s left is for you to take advantage of these new perks and increase your chances of winning.

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