Benefits of Marijuana Outdoors Growing

The most common question when starting your cultivation is whether to grow marijuana plants indoors or outdoors. Growing cannabis indoors could give the impression of being a more private option, but this is not always the case. The same is true about the yield that one might anticipate from grow rooms. Even when the grower has complete control over everything that affects the crop, it isn’t always easy to get a big harvest indoors. Therefore, although growing plants indoors may seem more practical, this method still has some downsides.

On the other hand, growing outside has many benefits that aren’t immediately obvious. So, if you decided to cultivate your first cannabis plants and have already purchased the preferred strain seeds at a seed bank such as Farmers Lab Seeds Canada, it’s time to select the place for the cultivation. This article is for you if you realize that indoor growing isn’t an option for you but are still hesitant to grow outside. Let’s look at some reasons you should prefer growing marijuana outdoors.

Environment-Friendly Option

The rising popularity of growing plants indoors has led to an increase in the amount of energy required for that purpose. Grow rooms demand a lot of electricity since they need lighting, ventilation systems, and other equipment.

Growing marijuana outside, however, needs nothing more than sunlight, air, and water to thrive. It doesn’t leave any carbon footprints in the atmosphere. Moreover, outside planting and growing even contribute to the ecosystem’s dynamics. Therefore, if we’re serious about saving the environment, we should go for the alternative that takes place outside.

Buds of the Highest Quality and Receiving Large Yields

Cannabis grown outside has its own unique flavor thanks to the influence of sunlight, the natural soil, and the fresh air. It’s frequently incomparable to the ones that were cultivated indoors. There are even those who are adamant that they can catch an earthy essence in cannabis strains that were grown outside. Also, a home grower can be sure that they are making high-quality buds because they are the ones taking care of the plants.

Why will growing cannabis outside almost certainly result in the cultivation of massive buds and a higher overall yield? The plants can produce extra-large leaves thanks to the influence of sunlight and carbon dioxide. Thus, they’ll accumulate more energy to produce huge buds.

Moreover, a plant has the potential to grow taller than 180 centimeters if it’s given the proper conditions outside. Because of its size, it can yield approximately 500 grams of dried buds. If you have just five to seven plants that have reached this size, you’ll have enough high-quality weed for an entire year. Cultivating plants that are this large indoors is next to impossible.


Low Cost and Effortless Process

The use of free sunlight is one obvious advantage of growing cannabis outside. Plants can get as much sun as they want, and it’s much better than artificial lights. Fresh air, rainwater, and carbon dioxide are also free and never run out. Every grower knows that the hardy cannabis plant needs all these things to grow and thrive. Growing outside, you can provide the plant with all this at no cost.

Growing outside doesn’t take much skill, either. To grow plants from seeds, you only need quality seeds and the right care to germinate them. Once they’ve sprouted, they can technically grow on their own, but you’ll definitely pay them attention after that, too. Compared to indoor growing, you’ll get some harvest in any case but with less effort put in.

Tips for Getting Started Growing Outdoors

So now that you know the perks of growing your marijuana plants outside, consider the following advice to make your first growing experience easier.

  • The plants can be grown in the ground, where they usually do well, or in five- to twenty-gallon containers. Plants that are grown in bigger pots will naturally make more buds.
  • When choosing where to move your plants from the pots, think about how well the location meets their needs (access to water and sunlight).
  • To get the most growth and yield from the plant, feed it with a vegetable fertilizer mix or liquid. 
  • The plant will start to flower when the nights get longer in late summer. At that stage, alter the fertilizer to a bloom formula so the plant can get the nutrients it needs to produce bigger buds.

In Closing

Growing cannabis plants outside can be advantageous if you plan ahead and pay attention to all safety points. Outdoor growing also positively affects the ecosystem and could lead to a bigger harvest. 

It may appear that cultivating marijuana outside is loaded with difficulties and risks, so some cultivators choose to grow their plants indoors instead. However, if you put in some time and effort, growing plants outside in the fresh air will be more satisfying and rewarding!

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.