Bear Market: Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2022


While many investors fear cryptocurrency bear markets and simply look for strategies to minimize their losses, others view them as an ideal opportunity to profit from falling cryptocurrency prices. Since May, the entire market has been declining steadily, with the market valuation of all cryptocurrencies falling by more than 20%. Some tokens have, however, maintained their position and outperformed the others.

This article will discuss the best crypto to invest in 2022. These options are still regarded as safe investments despite the current severe bear market in cryptocurrencies.

BFG token – BetFury’s utility token

One of the most well-liked decentralized applications (dApps) for bitcoin gambling is BetFury, which has thousands of users from all over the world. Although their products and services are previously known to us, they have also introduced a brand-new coin called BFG that is built on top of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain network. So BFG is considered to be one of the best crypto to invest in 2022.

One of the most well-known bitcoin casinos in the business, BetFury offers top slot machines as well as some of the best dice and table games available. Users can use their preferred cryptocurrency to play over 5,000 different games and enjoy them. Players will discover a highly user-friendly platform with a page that is simple to explore.

Depending on the games they play, users can receive Rakeback and cashback of up to 25%. Additionally, there are other games that players can play for free in order to win actual cryptocurrency. BetFury rose to become one of the top casinos in the cryptocurrency sector thanks to its promotions, bonuses, and games from some of the most well-known software providers.

The business made the decision to introduce its own token, BFG, in order to enhance the whole experience. The BEP20 token standard was used for the issuance of the token on top of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain network.


One of the most intriguing initiatives to launch this year is Tamadoge. It’s a memecoin with useful features. The primary unit of exchange in the Tamaverse, the project’s own metaverse where you may produce, breed, and engage in combat with Tamadoge pets, is this deflationary cryptocurrency. Tamadoges develop over time and get stronger, but you’ll need to watch out for them. Longer periods of time without supervision will result in them developing into Tamaghosts. By earning Dogepoints, participants in the game try to move up the leaderboard. Dogepool awards are available to those who end the month with the most Dogepoints.

The game is created by a qualified team of crypto, marketing, and design experts and employs some of the most cutting-edge NFT and token standards to give life to the token. You can buy all of the Tamadoges, which stand for mintable and tradeable NFT pets, with Tamadoge tokens. Each pet has distinct abilities, strengths, and stats when it is first created.

There will be a maximum supply of 2 billion Tamadoges once the project is operational. At the token generation event, one billion will be in circulation, with 400 million set aside for exchange listings. In the ensuing ten years, the remaining 600 million will be made available.

The absence of transaction taxes, as in other cryptocurrency initiatives, is one of Tamadoge’s key drawbacks.

Luck Block

The number one NFT Competitions Platform, Lucky Block, uses the Binance Smart Chain. Lucky Block is regarded as one of the finest cryptocurrencies to invest in during a bad market for a variety of reasons. It’s one of the most popular cryptos introduced in 2022, to start. Early investors already received a 12,000% return on investment within a few weeks after it was published.

Additionally, it had a trading volume of $3.5 million on the first day of listing, making it the fastest project to ever reach a valuation of $1 billion. Next, Lucky Block has been able to provide gamers with a rewards program that is 100 percent transparent and ensures optimum fairness.

Every participant in a prize draw has an equal chance of winning a prize, and the winner is chosen at random. Additionally, each philanthropic donation is shown publicly on the blockchain, and players can select where to direct their money. Since the drawings take place on the blockchain, a vastly more cost-effective substitute for conventional gaming, ticket buyers automatically have higher odds of winning prizes.

Additionally, 10% of each jackpot is shared among all LBLOCK owners; this is how Lucky Block controls the distribution of its tokens. This implies that even if they opt out of the daily draws, investors can still generate passive income.

Battle Infinity

One of the most recent metaverse-based crypto-gaming platforms is called Battle Infinity. Players have a variety of P2E war games to choose from in “The Battle Arena.” This incredible cryptocurrency initiative created in India hopes to build on the success of Axie Infinity and achieve even greater heights with more transparent earnings along the way.

IBAT, a BEP-20 token with a 10 billion-token supply that is used in the metaverse for all transactions, reward distribution, and staking, is the native cryptocurrency of Battle Infinity. Users have access to much more activities within the Battle Infinity metaverse than just gaming. To increase their chances of earning prizes, they might cooperate and talk with other players.

For a new product that was introduced during the bad market, the team has successfully raised its hard cap in less than 30 days, which is extremely remarkable. Early investors now have the chance to purchase tokens at a significantly cheaper cost, positioning themselves for greater gains once the game formally launches.

It’s interesting to note that Battle Infinity isn’t the first Indian cryptocurrency project to experience recent growth. In recent months, a lot of successful initiatives have been completed, such as Polygon Matic. You’ll be happy to know that Lucky Block has its own NFT collection, The Platinum Rollers Club if NFTs are also one of your passions. Check out this Lucky Block review to learn more. Due to all of this, Lucky Block deservedly earns a spot in the list of top cryptocurrencies during the bad market.


Since it survived every cryptocurrency bear market that has ever occurred, Bitcoin has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to rise from the ashes and recoup its value. The largest, oldest, and most widely used cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin, doesn’t actually require any official introduction.

The value of the currency rose to an all-time high in November 2021 ($68,990), but it has since sharply declined. Some investors could be “scared” to invest in Bitcoin because they wonder if it will ever recover, while others view it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Since Bitcoin has proven to be enduring thus far, its present price of $20,667 seems particularly attractive. By the end of 2023, several analysts forecast that BTC will be worth $80,000 or more.

While bear markets may make some investors shudder, for others, they represent an excellent opportunity to buy very valuable cryptocurrencies at a significantly cheaper price. The projects on this list have been carefully researched because there are many variables to take into account when investing in this sector. You can learn more by visiting the BetFury platform.

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