Australia will use face-recognition system to restrict gambling and gaming

The Australian government decided to give a try to the new generation system. Gambling is the most significant industry in Australia, so the government has agreed to accept a few restrictions. There are new campaigns against gambling and gaming. Protests have nothing against gambling – they just want to limit gamble addicted people at an individual level. Most authorities In Australia are ready to restrict addicted gamblers or underage people for a few things. South Australian Attorney-General Vickie Chapman noted that Australian officials think to accept new legal standards.


Problems with underage gamblers

Not every protest is related to addicted gamblers. Most of the time, underage in Australia try to access online Australian casinos successfully. There is no technological system to eliminate underage people from accessing casinos.

In a new statement, we read those new technologies would be accessible from 2020. The Department of Home Affairs suggested that face recognition will be another level of generational technology. With the help of modern technology, online casinos will match a face to a photo documentation they got from the registered users. If the approved image of the user is not matching to front-camera face, then the user won’t be able to place a bet or play favorite pokies.

Yet, we don’t know the limits of restriction as it’s still in the parliament of Australia. Now the committees have to study the proposal and find out whether the new approach is legally approvable or it breaches some international agreements about privacy.


An international approach to the face recognition system

Australia is very popular in the casino industry. Australian pokies online are dominating the charts because of popularity. The perfect legal framework from the Australian government gave great freedom of mind to Australian casino operators. Despite the popularity of Australian casinos, we have seen many online operators from different countries. We have seen a scandal in the US, Illinois regarding face-recognition system. Two persons sued Caesars’ Harrah’s Casino for violating BIPA. BIPA is the abbreviation and stands for the Biometric Information Privacy Act. The mentioned act was legally voted in the US back in 2008.

Lawsuits talk about new technology that can recognize the face. Despite good intentions of Casino operators to limit the addicted gamblers, in a lawsuit, we read a statement about scandal in Macau. As you may know, there are rumors that Macau gambling operators are trying to recognize faces to understand whether they will spend more money or not. It’s still a rumor, but lots of gamblers are talking about this in Macau.


What future holds of gamblers?

Implementing new technologies is inevitable. With the help of artificial intelligence, we can see that casino operators and governments are tasting the risk of technological advancement. It also depends on customers’ reward, whether they can get user experience improvement from new legal approaches.

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