ARKcoin Review – Pros & Cons [2022 Updated]


ARKcoin is an experienced broker that offers a variety of competitive services. Specializing in cryptocurrency, stocks, Forex, and CFDs (contract for difference), ARKcoin’s flexible offerings make it an attractive broker to explore investing with.

Known for its excellent customer service and transparent communication, clients will be kept informed about every trade they have invested in. ARKcoin does not hide the details and will be upfront about successes and losses.

ARKcoin has some limitations and is by no means a perfect company, but its pros are strong. Therefore, ARKcoin is recommended as a reliable and attractive investment broker candidate.

Pros Cons
Nationwide availability Large fees for certain investment options
Licensed and Insurance covered Lack of crypto-to-crypto exchange
Secure and Trustworthy Platform
Cryptocurrency, stocks, Forex, and contract for difference (CFD) coverage
Initial Investment Can Be Minimal

Why Does Insurance Matter?

Investments of all sorts carry a certain amount of risk. No matter the broker nor its experience, losses still occur on a daily basis. An additional component of risk is scam hacking. To protect its investors, ARKcoin is fully insured and has taken additional measures to combat the possibility of fraudulent interaction.

According to the AARP, “the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) received nearly 6,800 complaints of cryptocurrency investment scams from October 2020 through March 2021, up from 570 in the same period a year before. Reported losses grew more than tenfold to above $80 million.”

Providing a secure environment is of the essence to ARKcoin and it is seen in its operations. Being insured is just one method the company uses to ensure its clients will not be the victims of fraudulent scams.

Does ARKcoin Reach a Wide Audience?

Yes, in fact ARKcoin is one of the few major brokers that offers its services in all 50 states. The company understands how attractive cryptocurrency is becoming and desires to be an accessible trading platform.

ARKcoin has realized that accessibility is key in bringing in new investors. There are clients all around the country who want to explore trading options but desire to invest with a trustworthy and recognized brand. This is where ARKcoin found a great opportunity. With a presence in all 50 states, the company can offer its diverse range of trading services to a large cliental basis.

Can I Invest Small?

Yes, absolutely. With ARKcoin’s platform, clients can begin their investment as small or large as they so desire. The company acknowledges the risk associated with trade investments and desires that each of its clients is comfortable.

Some clients may be new to trading therefore they would prefer to invest a small sum of money to test the waters. Others might want to invest big and risk more to reap larger rewards. There is no right or wrong. At ARKcoin, any investment size is encouraged.

If someone who invests small reaps some rewards, he or she is more likely to invest more. This is to the broker’s benefit. The flexibility and comfortability ARKcoin offers can ultimately result in a long-term client.

In essence, this is a win-win for both parties involved.

Are There Fees with Trading?

Indeed, and this is how ARKcoin makes its money. Fees will be determined depending on the trade option (stocks, crypto, Forex, or CFDs) and the size of the investment. Some ARKcoin fees are noticeably high, therefore it is important to pick a comfortable investment option.

The company’s fees are one of the few downsides to its overall attractability. Fortunately, clients can select from a limited range of options with lesser fees.

The Big Disadvantage  

There is one key disadvantage with ARKcoin’s services. The company does not offer crypto-to-crypto trading. What does this mean? A client cannot trade one crypto exchange for another. He or she will first have to sell the original crypto for $USD and then purchase the desired cryptocurrency.

This becomes a two-step process and can be an inconvenience to some. With that being said, ARKcoin is very helpful in selling crypto for $USD and there should not be too much difficulty in acquiring the desired new crypto. It will just be a longer process.

The Bottom Line

ARKcoin does have a couple of flaws, but overall is a strong broker choice. It offers its services in every state in the country, its trades are highly secured and insured, and offers great flexibility in trade type and price. Not only can clients select from a range of investments that vary in risk but can invest as much or little as they want.

ARKcoin prides itself on being accessible and customer-oriented. The company’s open communication is a competitive advantage in comparison to other brokers. To explore the company’s offerings and learn more about cryptocurrency, stocks, Forex, and CFDs, you can contact ARKcoin at [email, phone number, etc].

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