Apex Trader Funding Coupon Code 

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Stumbling upon a proprietary trading firm offering a modest discount on its evaluation program can feel like hitting a jackpot. Thankfully, one of the best prop trading firms, Apex Trader Funding, has introduced discounts for new users. This article will help you ascertain whether Apex Trader Funding is the ideal fit for your trading aspirations and will detail how to use the Apex Trader Funding coupon code.

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Understanding Apex Trader Funding

Apex Trader Funding, created by Darrell Martin in 2008, provides traders with substantial capital to trade financial assets after passing an evaluation program. The program has a clear set of rules and minimal obstacles. The essential rules to follow in the evaluation are as follows:

  • Trade for at least seven days. 
  • Close all trades and cancel unfulfilled orders before 4:59 pm ET every day. 
  • Reach your profit target before hitting the drawdown. 
  • Avoid taking positions based on anticipated news outcomes.

Apex Trader Funding Price

Evaluation Costs

Joining the Apex Trader Funding evaluation requires a fee, with the amount depending on your choice of trading software: Rithmic or Tradovate. The Tradovate option commands a higher fee, justified by its multi-platform compatibility (web, Mac, mobile, etc.), and includes a free Tradovate license key. In contrast, the Rithmic option costs less but does not provide a Rithmic license key. Here are the specific costs for each software’s evaluation path:

  • Full Account: When you sign up for a Rithmic full account, the monthly fee will be between $147 and $657. Choose a Tradovate full account, and you’ll pay more, with fees from $167 to $677 per month. The amount you pay determines how much demo capital you receive, starting from $25,000 up to $300,000. If you pass the evaluation, that demo capital amount is what you’ll get to trade with as real capital.
  • Static Account: The Rithmic option costs $137 per month, while Tradovate is $167 per month. Both give you $100,000 in demo capital and if you pass the evaluation, you’ll also get $100,000 in real capital to trade with. 

Once you’ve chosen your account type, you can’t switch from Rithmic to Tradovate and vice-versa. If you accidentally open the wrong one, your evaluation fee won’t be refunded. 

Resetting Costs

Resetting your account in the evaluation program restores your balance to its initial amount and removes any trading progress, including profits and losses. This will revert your profit target and drawdown limit to their original figures. If you hit your drawdown limit, a reset might be necessary. You’re allowed to reset your account multiple times if needed.

The cost of resetting differs based on the account type: for a Rithmic account, it’s $80 per month, and for a Tradovate account, the reset fee is $100.

Funding Costs

Once you pass the evaluation program, you must pay a funded account fee to access the real capital. If you have multiple accounts and all of them pass the evaluation, you must pay the funded account fee for each one before they are activated with real capital.

You have the option to pay this fee every month or as a one-time lifetime fee, with the lifetime fee amount depending on the size of your demo account. The cost for this fee is structured differently based on whether you are using Rithmic or Tradovate as your trading software. Here are the specific fee details for each:

  • Rithmic: $85 monthly or $130 to $340 for a lifetime.
  • Tradovate: $105 monthly or $150 to $360 for a lifetime. 

How Does the Apex Trader Funding Coupon Code Work?

Apex Trader Funding releases coupon codes to help users save money on evaluation costs from time to time. Please note that Apex Trader Funding coupon codes work only for new users. If you’ve joined the firm before, you won’t be able to use them. Also, they don’t apply to evaluation account resetting fees or funded account activation fees. You can find the current coupon on the firm’s official website. 

Is Apex Trader Funding Worth It?

Apex Trader Funding is undoubtedly among the best futures prop trading firms, mainly because of its attractive profit sharing ratio. You get 100% of the first $25000 profit you make on your account and 90% of all subsequent profits. Additionally, the availability of an Apex Trader Funding coupon code offers a significant discount on initial sign-up costs, enhancing the overall appeal of this firm.

Apex Trader Funding Reviews Online

Apex Trader Funding has a solid 4.8 rating out of 5 on Trustpilot. Thousands of reviews reveal that the firm’s customers are genuinely happy with its services. 

Praising the firm’s steadfast support for traders, a trader said, “I’m pleased to be part of Apex’s large community backed by a solid support team who will absolutely do everything in their power to ensure the trader’s success with quick replies, and after-hours support, on top of that they are very kind and helpful.

Another trader shared, “I will recommend ApexTrader funding if you are looking for a prop firm that is going to stay for a long time and overcome the discipline required for success in this market. The rules are everything; stick to them and enjoy your profit.

Apex Trader Funding Coupon Code: Final Thoughts

Signing up for a proprietary trading firm’s evaluation program often requires a noteworthy financial investment. However, the Apex Trader Funding coupon code lessens this initial expense, easing the financial barrier to entry. This cost reduction can make it more feasible for aspiring traders to enroll in their desired prop firm and take advantage of its opportunities and benefits. Click here to become an Apex Trader today.

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