Ancient Origins: Unveiling the Earliest Known Instances of Cannabis Consumption

Unveiling the Earliest Known Instances of Cannabis Consumption

In recent decades, scientists have devoted a lot of attention not only to the study of the influence of cannabis on the human body but also to its use in ancient, pre-modern, and modern societies. Such curiosity is not accidental or idle. Indeed, by studying the history and practices of marijuana use in different countries, one can discover new ways of consuming this herb that have been forgotten and lost by generations closer to us.

The Problem of Defining the Chronology of Cannabis Use by Mankind

Just as a person has a certain field of vision, within which they can clearly distinguish the objects located, different societies also have limits of visibility. They are determined by documentary sources that humanity has at its disposal. Therefore, the history of cannabis can be traced only on the basis of the fixation of its images or references in deciphered ancient tablets. And then, its trail is lost and goes into even deeper antiquity, about which no one knows anything.

When Did Humans Start Using Cannabis in World History?

When people hear about cannabis, the first arisen association is most often connected with its recreational or medical use. However, cannabis appeared in history primarily as a source of durable fibre, food, oil, paper, and much more. This unpretentious plant was a giver of many blessings for ancient people. According to documented sources, already from 8–6 millennium BC, they actively used the benefits that hemp gave. And as gratitude, recognizing its useful properties and help to people, they elevated it to the rank of sacred plants, worshipping the spirit of cannabis and depicting it on dishes, walls, etc.

The Beginning of the Medical Use of Cannabis

Evidence not only of the discovery but also of the active use of cannabis in medicine is recorded in Chinese manuscripts of 2800 BC, in particular in the pharmacopoeia, which listed medicinal herbs and preparations. Its creation is attributed to Emperor Shen Nung, who was considered the patron saint of medicine. These manuscripts describe in detail the diseases for which marijuana was used. Among them are such common in modern societies ailments as:

  • Rheumatism
  • Arthritis
  • Female diseases
  • Asthma
  • Constipation
  • Depression, etc.

Use of Marijuana in Religious Rituals

Indian documentary sources provide valuable information about the importance of cannabis in religious rituals. In particular, marijuana plays an important role in the rituals of worshipping Shiva, who is the supreme Godhead. This herb is considered by the East Indians to be his favourite food. In India, cannabis was so revered that it was even ranked among the group of 5 sacred plants. 

Modern scientists explained the reasons for weed usage in worshipping only in 1992 when they discovered such an important organic compound as anandamide. It is produced in the human brain as an endogenous cannabinoid neurotransmitter, the synthesis of which leads to a feeling of bliss, elevated joy, purity of perception, etc. Cannabis imitates anandamide when it enters the human body, allowing you to achieve high states.

In addition, cannabis affects the amygdala, which is responsible for spiritual experience. Therefore, in religious rituals, cannabis served as a spiritual guide, allowing participants to comprehend those deities that were worshipped in ancient India.

Can You Have a Spiritual Experience with Cannabis Today?

If you are interested in spiritual practices and expanding consciousness, then marijuana can be an indispensable guide. Like thousands of years ago, it is ready to reveal the secrets of the Universe and more subtle supra-individual worlds to everyone who wants to go beyond the mundane one. 

However, to get the desired effect, you need to choose high-THC cannabis, as this particular cannabinoid can lead to altered states of consciousness. A wide variety of flowers, concentrates, edibles, and other high-THC cannabis products can be purchased at The spiritual experience that our ancestors had with the help of marijuana can become your experience opening up new inspiring horizons.

When Cannabis Use Came to Europe

Over the millennia of cultivation, processing, and consumption of cannabis, the ancient peoples have accrued a comprehensive knowledge regarding its virtues. In Europe, it was mastered based on already accumulated experience, so it very quickly penetrated all spheres of human life:

  • Fibre production
  • Tailoring
  • Making strong ropes
  • Medical use
  • Adding to food
  • Oil production
  • Recreational use, etc.

In modern Europe, many other materials have substituted cannabis in terms of fibre, clothing, oils, etc. However, nothing can replace its medicinal and recreational qualities. That is why many countries around the world are returning cannabis to both medical and recreational use. And if you want to get involved in using the benefits of weed, the online store Hub420 will help you choose the cannabis products that will best suit your needs.

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