All That You Need To Know About Using CBD Oil for Cats

Your furry little kitten maybe the joy of your life, but that does not mean that she would always be devoid of facing any health result issues. Some of them can be damaging to her and at such times alternative treatment solutions like CBD oil can be a life savior. Visit to learn more about the use of CBD oil.

Famous for not causing any side effects and being rather effective here we tell you all that you should know about using CBD oil for cats.


What is CBD oil?

Cannabis plants have more than 100 compounds but the most effective of them is CBD or Cannabidiol. CBD does not give your cat a feeling of being high and relieve it of some common ailments like pain and seizures. However, at present, the emphasis is on using CBD oil to improve the quality of life of pets in general. But, that means you have to be extremely careful when you want to buy CBD for your cats to not end up with a fake product. 


Is CBD oil safe for the cats?

There have not been any major studies to see the impact CBD oil has on cats or any other pet for that matter. However, experts suggest that CBD is safe for cats. There might be some small symptoms seen like gastro troubles or sedation but you may discontinue the use. You could also ask your vet if something like that occurs.

Experts also feel that these issues may arise because of proper dose not being administered. If the dose is maintained as per the recommendation, there is very little chance that the cat may face any kind of discomfort. 

Since the market is so competitive, the pet owners have to be careful about what they are purchasing for their pets. A comparison of all the products should be done and the ingredients of each checked thoroughly to know which one is genuine. 

Apart from this, remember that CBD oil is usually safe for pets but the cannabis plants may not be as reliable. It has been proven that when cats nibble on the cannabis plants, they are bound to feel intoxicated.


Is CBD legal?

Another aspect that we need to consider is that if the use of CBD on cats is legal or not. Cannabis product having less than 0.3 THC would be legal as it is considered as Hemp which is not restricted. However, it is best to discuss all this with the vet before taking any decision on your own. If you are looking to legally buy CBD oil for cats you can shop Nuleaf Naturals products.



CBD oil is a miracle substance and may be quite helpful in handling some small ailments faced by your cat. But, in no circumstances, an overdose of the same should be given. Always consult your vet before taking a call on using it. 

If the cat faces any symptoms or side effects, it is wise to stop the treatment immediately. If the dose requirements are being met religiously, it is highly unlikely that any side effect should be seen. CBD oil is mostly safe and may be given to your cat as per the problem being experienced.

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