Access to High-Quality Video Production is Proving to be Integral for Business Success in the Movie Industry

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Location is one of the most essential aspects of video production. It is the setting of the story that presents the characters in a world that could be authentic or inauthentic, and the audience can tell by merely seeing the video.

However, a reliable video production company in London can help you set your scenes using Underground. The video location, being the backdrop of the story, is also proving to be important for business. It can be Integral for most of a movie’s success in the industry.

Ideal Insight presents the most popular locations used for the silver screen and the movies featured in them.

Paddington – Paddington Station

Paddington is a 2014 movie featured in Paddington station, showing the world’s most-loved fictional bear. The station ignites a natural sensation and is quite iconic and suitable as the backdrop for Paddington to film on location. Jackie Tyson, the Retail Director at the Paddington store at Paddington train station, raised over £50,000 for Action Medical Research, having worked in the iconic shop since 1994, and continues to sell special pin badges in the iconic station.

V for Vendetta – Aldwych

V for Vendetta, a 2005 thriller features Natalie Portman who battles to remove the tyranny of dystopian Britain. The video production features Aldwych, and since Aldwych is no longer in use, explosives are detonated as Natalie jumps on an Underground train.

Aldwych makes a perfect backdrop for detonating explosives as it is no longer in use and keeps the explosion from rocking the public. It also allows an electrifying visual effect that brings realness to the production.

Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone – King’s Cross

In 2001, the first movie in the Harry Potter franchise featured the London location Kings Cross station, going on to become a favourite movie to many viewers.

Apart from its incredible world of magic, the wizard’s connection with the muggle world and great characters, the King’s Cross station plays a major role in the movie. This Underground creates a world that allows wizards to get through the Hogwarts Express to school, and gives prominence and realness to the movie, contributing to its global success.

Fast and Furious 6 – Aldwych

F&F6 is a 2013 successful movie and the sixth installment of Fast and Furious featuring London’s Aldwych station. Fast and Furious 6 featured several stations. However, Aldwych station is the primary station where the movie was shot. The cast had accessed the Underground but not the cars.

F&F6 had its world premiere in London, having featured Aldwych as well, and scored a record-breaking opening and grossed $13.8M (£9M) at 460 dates for Universal’s biggest 3-day opening weekend in the territory. Fast and Furious 6 went on to become the UK franchise’s biggest opening weekend and also the highest opening weekend for Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel.

Love Actually – Canary Wharf

Love Actually was released for audiences  in 2003 and shot across the UK. It is considered a London Film, but Canary Wharf was featured when Jamie, Colin Firth’s character, rushes around to complete Christmas shopping.

Canary Wharf is a typically quiet scene because not many commuters use the location, especially on weekends. This scene also allowed the movie to have minor closures to the public without disrupting the production and expectation of the producer.

Rogue One – Canary Wharf

Rogue One is a 2016 movie that used Canary Wharf. However, the movie did not aim for a tube station. Getting to the final stages of the adventure, K-2SO, Cassian Andor, and Jyn Erso race through futuristic platforms from hoards of Storm Troopers. The natural Canary Wharf does not produce the used setting; however, the combination of CGI and set dressing made the movie location perfect for the scene.

The movie became a high-quality production, thanks to its video production agency. You could well have similar location experience by contacting a reliable video production agency like The Rusty Cage video production in Sydney.

Skyfall – Temple

2012 saw a James Bond film featuring the British Underground. An excellent publication any time that brings the audience to a world in which Daniel Craig fights the bad guys through Temple station at Victoria Embankment in the City of Westminster.

Within 40 days into the release of Skyfall, it recorded huge success, raking £94,277,612 at the UK box office. Skyfall made history and beat Avatar, which had a lifetime gross of £94,025,632 during its 11 months of release in the UK.

Doctor Who – Marble Arch

Doctor Who was released for the anticipating audience, featuring many times in London. In 1986, The Trial of a Timelord featured Marble Arch, showing the collapse of the station and its surrounding elements in London. Many of the videos are captured in the studio, but some parts of the production are captured in Marble Arch, giving the movie a high-quality touch.

Billy Elliot – Westminster

The year 2000 saw Westminster station in Billy Elliot. However, the movie is largely set in County Durham, except when the ballet prodigy’s performance in Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake had his father and brother visit London to support him in his prima debut.

Billy Elliot movie also shows a contrast of two locations, reflecting Billy’s father and brother‘s discomfort in London. Nonetheless, viewers also see a bustling world of the Underground in Westminster, contributing to Billy Elliot recording commercial success earning $109.3 (£79) million globally on a $5 (£3.6) million budget. This movie received a positive critical response.


In 2007, the movie world welcomed Atonement, featuring London and Briony who tricks the audience into thinking the lovers have the happy ending viewers expected. For its London production location, Atonement went on to lead the way at the Sony Ericsson Empire Awards. It also scooped three of the most remarkably desired prizes.

Thor: The Dark World – Charing Cross

Thor: The Dark World is a 2013 episode of Thor production featuring London Underground, Charing Cross railway station. The audience is introduced to this scene when Thor asks a passenger how he can get to Greenwich.

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