A Quick Perspective on Setting Your Company in China

Setting Your Company in China

Are you also an ambitious aspirant who wants to set a company/business in china? But not aware of the procedure to get it all done. Consider it done! We will guide you in establishing your first-ever business in china. Here is a quick perspective on setting your company in china:

To establish your business/company in china, you need to find a suitable agency. Then figure out basic specification chores. And then get it registered, open an account and finally become a taxpayer.

We know it sounds overwhelming but, we will give you a stepwise perspective on setting your company in china. And that will sound reassuring!

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Manual on Setting up A Company In China

China is an economic hub with a strong position in Asia. Now is your time to have your first ever owned business in china. Here are some quick steps, which you can follow to get your dream business alive!

Find A Suitable Agency

Finding a suitable agency for your company is a challenging task, but it’s worth it. Understanding Chinese business laws, following their rules and, the business culture requires vast and thorough full knowledge. And it is best provided by these agencies. They offer a unique role in terms of their skills, knowledge, and experience in this field.

Get Your Basics Straight

It’s time for you to give a name to your company. Now you require to mention its scope, the nature of your business, where it will be, what type it is of, who owns it. All these things need to get settled. The Chinese government is straightforward when it comes to the specification of the company.

Make Your Company Alive!

Congratulation, you have just named your company! Now make it official. Now fill out the registration forms and submit them to the government department. And make your company on paper, making it legitimate and authentic.

The Account Is All You Need

No one can deny the need for an official corporate bank account. Having a native bank account will allow the operation to run more smoothly and hassle-free. Moreover, it will help you a lot. From giving wages to receiving profit and doing transactions to other parties, it’s all for one and one for all!

Become A Taxpayer


At last, your company should be registered VAT taxpayer by the tax bureau department. Depending upon the scale of your business, you can be either a small-scale taxpayer or a broad-scale taxpayer.

There is also Fapiao. It is a tax receipt printed by the fapiao machine. This fapiao receipt is a handful because many Chinese clients prefer to get their receiving’s in terms of fapiao.

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