A New Generation of Players: What Is Important For Zoomers in Gambling


Generation Z, also known as Zoomers, are people born between 1996 and the mid-2010s. As it becomes clear from the age range, generation Z is becoming a solvent audience and an active user of various services, including gambling. This means that casinos in Canada will undergo changes in marketing, advertising and development strategies in order to adapt the business to the new audience. Today we will take a closer look at how and why zoomers affect the Canadian gambling market.

What Do Zoomers Look Like?

Gen Z is the “online generation” who enjoys spending time on social media. They would prefer to work online, rather than sit at the office. Flexible working hours, benefits, and blogging are the main preferences of Gen Z. Also, often such people are distrustful of information and double-check it.

You probably have imagined a guy or girl in their 20s, with a smartphone, taking photos and videos for a personal social media blog, haven’t you? This person wants to be useful, gain popularity, ready to improve himself/herself, but at the same time, he/she values ​​security and no risk. If so – well done – you have a good portrait of a zoomer. But how does this generation affect the gambling industry? Let’s take a closer look!

New Generation, New Trends

Wait a minute. Are you really sure zoomers play casinos in Canada? Do they enjoy gambling and casino entertainment?

Oh yeah! There are several studies that Gen Z is more likely to play games (especially online) than previous generations. First of all, zoomers can access the internet easily. Then, Gen Z gets mobile devices from an early age. Smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and others are very common.

Engagement in online games, entertainment, and having fun mean that some zoomers may be interested in online gambling. Now Canadian zoomers are just reaching the legal age to play casinos, so it is still difficult to identify an exact percentage of zoomers in gambling. 

Gen Z is significantly different from the previous generations. Therefore, the gambling industry is undergoing some changes, trying to satisfy new audiences. In order to understand the upcoming trends, it is necessary to reveal what interests and preferences Gen Z has.

Safe & Fair Gambling

Safety first. Before signing up for a casino, a zoomer will verify the reliability of the platform, the opportunity to deposit and withdraw funds safely, the presence of fraud protection, fair play, customer support, etc. A casino licence is a crucial factor when choosing a place to gamble. For that reason, people look for the best online casino reviews and descriptions.

For the same reason, zoomers pay special attention to honest gaming operators. Casinos must offer entertainment from reliable operators that are licensed and regulated by reputable authorities. Detailed casino guides can help to find the best online casino in Canada. By the way, the modern generation willingly listens to the opinion of experts.

Avoiding Risky Behaviours 

Since we are talking about risks, Gen Z clearly defines the risks associated with gambling. As far as gambling can be a highly captivating activity, zoomers try to prevent any risks. They clearly understand that a casino is an opportunity to have fun but by no means a way to earn money. Zoomers are more likely to set money limits for themselves to avoid extra expenses, credits, and more.

Focus On Online 

Zoomers, who were born in the boom of the Internet and social networks, spend a lot of time online. They are active on social networks, and ready to listen to experts and influencers. 

“Gen Z prefers online entertainment and virtual casinos rather than land-based establishments. It is more convenient for them to play online from any device, anytime, anywhere. Hence, Zoomers carefully examine Canadian online casino reviews for top gambling websites.” claimed Alexander Liam, Head of Content at RateMyCasino.ca.Head-of-Content-at-RateMyCasino.ca_-1024x673

Interactive Entertainment

Generation Z is looking for a more fun and interactive experience when it comes to casino games. They expect to have interactive entertainment, innovation and novelty. Moreover, this new generation is picky about the products offered. Therefore, they prefer convenient and understandable platforms, where there is a variety of reliable entertainment and engaging bonuses.

In order to somehow compensate for the lack of personal communication, zoomers with a big pleasure choose games that feature chats and live dealers. Interactivity and communication, even through the screen, are important for these people. This allows a player to fully immerse into online entertainment, to feel like a part of the activity.

To Sum Up

Today, zoomers are already part of the gambling customers – the new generation is successfully joining the Canadian casino audience. Therefore, casinos and game providers need to be flexible and get ready to change to the preferences of the new audience. To appeal to Gen Z, businesses take into account that since childhood, zoomers are used to spending time online and have a high level of digital literacy. As a result, they understand all the risks and prefer safe and legal online entertainment.

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