A Guide to Choosing The Right Storage Facility


So you’ve recently just moved to San Francisco and obviously, your belongings came with you. You need a new storage facility in the area to safely place all these things and have them easily accessible to you when needed. In order to find the best temporary storage in San Francisco, you need to consider a few factors.

Here is a list of things you need to keep in mind before you lock a storage facility:

1. The Size of the Unit

Depending on the amount of your storage and the number and nature of the items you need the facility for, you will need to decide the size of the unit you need. The bigger the unit, the pricier it will be. You need to take an inventory of all the items you have and understand the different ways in which you can make larger items smaller. Like furniture pieces can be disassembled to take up less space.

2. Ease of Access

You need to consider the location of the storage facility. The movers will also charge you more if it is away from your home. To calculate the charges of moving from one place to another, you can check out this article.

Even as you have fully settled into your new home, you will still need to go back and forth between your place and the storage unit for years to come. This means you need to look for a facility that is near your place.

3. Review Security Measures

One of the biggest things you need to review and compare between different storage facilities is the security measures they take to keep your things safe. Most of these storage facilities offer basic security measures, there are some that are more meticulous than others. You need to decide if you want heightened security based on the nature of the items that you want to place in storage. Always ask what security measures are in place. Never assume.

4. Read Customer Reviews

Nothing like good old-fashioned Google reviews to tell you what people really think about a potential storage facility. You can look at websites all you want but nothing beats the real opinions of people that have actually used services. So go take a look at some review sites like Google My Business and Yelp etc to understand the real reputation of the facility.

5. Keep Outside of Town an Option

There are plenty of great storage facilities outside of town and the best part is that it’s going to cost you much less than an in-town facility. If you don’t really plan on visiting the facility very frequently then you can save yourself the extra cost and go for a facility outside of town.

6. Make Sure You Visit the Facility In Person

The best way to actually choose a facility is to visit each one in person if you are easily able to do so. Pictures and phone calls are great but there are some questions you can answer only when you are able to see the facility with your own eyes. Things like the condition of the facility, the attitude of the staff, the parking conditions, and convenience and the security measures in place.

7. Review Your Options Carefully

Choosing a storage facility is a crucial task and you need to be careful in choosing it. It is always best to look around for all the options you have and compare them before you choose one. This way, you will have peace of mind knowing that you chose the best facility available based on your storage needs.

8. Climate Control or Not Climate Control

A climate-controlled facility will ensure temperatures are moderated at a certain level and there are some units that will also look after the humidity levels. You need to ask the facility to be sure if they do keep humidity at bay if that is a need of yours. Of course, temperature control means more cost. But, if your items need this protection then you should consider spending the money.

9. Additional Insurance

If you are storing household items then you need to make sure the facility has the option of providing additional insurance that covers damages from water or theft or robbery. This will ensure you have peace of mind even if your goods get stolen or are damaged.

Choosing the right storage facility can make your life easier so take a wise decision while also considering all the factors listed above.

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