A Detailed Guide on Family Law Software

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Child benefits, financial statements, and property partition difficulties can all be managed by family law software using a cloud-based and on-premise system. Remote access, equalization payments, cash flow forecasts, forms, and budget reporting are among the essential features.

The tool offers details about age eligibility or relationship, calculates tax exemptions, creates financial predictions, and more to assist professionals when adding entries for child support. Through automated forms, it enables attorneys to maintain financial affidavits while letting clients provide financial data under various headings.

Plus, the partition of resources and fees between divorcing partners can be planned by advisors using the research and negotiation functionalities. A what-if analysis function in Family Law Software enables attorneys to design several scenarios and determine child support amounts for the financial affidavit. Support is offered via phone and email, and the solution is offered as a monthly or annual subscription.

Productivity of Family Law Software

Similar to their peers in other practice areas of law, family law attorneys require the same types of practice and case management software. However, they also have particular needs, such as those related to calculating spousal and child support payments, determining the tax ramifications of a division of property, and establishing and managing child custody plans, to name a few.

There is probably a software or an app to help increase your productivity and better serve your clients, whether it be checking your document for run-on sentences, streamlining child custody and visitation, or managing your practice’s billable hours, such as effective legal practice software.

Estate Planning Document Automation

Legal estate planning software for lawyers, and family law software includes a collection of papers created by lawyers and other legal experts. The sophisticated document automation is created just for your estate planning business.

With the use of estate planning software, all relevant estate data may be kept in one location, including information about executors, agencies, and family members as well as specific trust and property facts.

Family Law Software Matter Types

A strong end-to-end answer for your family mediation issues is provided by family law software. This highly specialized program gives family practitioners, experts in family dispute resolution, and mediators all the resources they need to successfully complete mediation cases from beginning to end. An extensive collection of computerized mediation forms and precedents, appointment scheduling, billing, and client information capture during pre-mediation are just a few examples.

Additionally, Family Law Software and Family Property are fully integrated, allowing you to quickly conduct intakes, generate balance sheets, model offers, handle disclosure, and create parenting plans. Enjoy the additional efficiencies that result from everything being streamlined and connected.

Benefits of Family Law Software

  • Compatibility with Microsoft Word
  • Include your own examples
  • Adapt default precedents to your business
  • To establish consistent papers and decrease errors, precedents are kept as templates.
  • Information from your matter effortlessly combines with official documents, precedents, or communication.
  • Subject matter experts authored each and every piece of material.
  • Our experts add new forms and precedents.
  • To make sure that all of our forms are current, form currency checks are performed each month.
  • Sophisticated calculators that make it simple to calculate financial statements, modifications, or stamp duty
  • There are currently 4,750 forms and standards available.

Key Features of Family Law Software

Case Management

The key topics of family and matrimonial law, such as separation, divorce action, child access, and contact arrangements, are all covered by family law software.

Additionally, it contains paperwork and instructions for financial remedy and domestic violence cases, such as petitions, affidavits, and statements of arrangement. Because documents and policies are very adaptable, you can change them to reflect your own practices and mannerisms. Email management, letter writing, and auto-form creation are all included.

Civil Billing

The LAA’s Civil Family Fee Schemes extensive civil billing requirements dates and all dues are handled using litigation software. i.e., the Family Advocacy Scheme, the Private Family Law Representation Scheme, and the Care Proceedings Graduated Fee Scheme (FAS). These three sections’ billing procedures are automated, so a cost draftsman’s skills are no longer required.

Document Bundler

A PDF court package generator is the document bundler. It has features such as automatic sheet numbering and contents page production, both of which are extremely well-liked by family law businesses.

It offers a template for a bundle to which users can add documents and papers as they get ready for court. The bundle is saved as a PDF after the user is satisfied with it and includes all the papers required for the court appearance.

Time Recording & Automatic Billing

For users, time tracking and automated billing increase cash flow. A straightforward procedure can produce monthly automatic interim bills, greatly reducing the administrative work often associated with billing. For one-off invoices, in addition to auto bulk billing, a wizard retrieves data such as the fixed fee, money on account, disbursements, and VAT.

Legal Aid calculations and billing, several fee levels with fixed and hourly charging times limit monitoring features, and notifications are all built-in. When cases approach established charge estimations, the system can be configured to send fee earners warnings.

SMS Text Messaging

Many family lawyers want to update their clients via text messaging in addition to email communication. It is immediate, reduces the need for phone calls, and makes it simple to store all messages in a case history for reference in the future.

Automated Family Law Forms and Precedents

Your clients will be delighted if you create family law documents more quickly and consistently. The most frequently used forms and papers for your firm will be automatically prepopulated in a matter of seconds thanks to family law software.

Legal document automation is unmatched, saves businesses many hours of typing and retyping, and is driven by the greatest Microsoft Word and PDF integration available. Plus, the legal timekeeping software automatically records everything.

Family law-specific Federal, State, administrative, and publicly available forms are widely available in this software. Knowing that you have the most recent legal documents with precise information constantly retrieved from the legal issue management file will save you and your employees time and prevent mistakes.

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