A Candid Review of Pocket Option

Pocket Option was founded in the year 2017 and is currently owned and managed by Gembell Limited. It has earned itself a good reputation in the binary trading scene for being one of the most reliable traders in the market. Its strength is based on versatility; it has over 100 assets that are available for new as well as experienced traders. 

Additionally, people who use it to trade can use several payment methods that are especially beneficial to international investors from various parts of the world. To determine if this is the right broker for you, you need to learn more about it. Hence, we have come up with this in-depth Pocket Option review about what this binary options trading platform offers. It can help you decide whether it is viable to use this platform to trade.


Trade types

Pocket Option offers one trade type, although it is one of the best with regards to making profitable payouts quickly. The high/low options are a straightforward type which is also simple because all that the trader needs to do is predict the outcome of a trade that you made correctly over a preset period of time. If you predicted that an asset is going to trade at a lower price and it turns out to be so at stoppage time, that averages between 80 and 100 percent for each high/low prediction. The shortest period of time that you can preset while making a prediction is 60 seconds and up to four hours for traders who like to take their time.

On their website, Pocket Option states that you can get up to 218% in payouts for successful high/low predictions. Although this is too high to be practical, you can make a lot of money in a matter of minutes if you possess the experience to predict correctly. You should, however, be careful with high/low options because the consequence of too many incorrect predictions is a loss that you might not recover from.


A demo account

Pocket Option has a demo account for people who are wary of losing their money with a live account. The core benefit of this feature is that you do not even need to sign up so that you gain access to the demo account. All you need to do is navigate to their website and click on the demo account button. The admin will assign $10,000 in virtual funds that you can use to make high/low predictions. Note that the demo account benefits both experienced and inexperienced traders.

Experienced traders can use it to determine whether all the positives about high payouts from this platform is true. If such a trader is not impressed with this platform, they can simply pull off, which is easier than having to withdraw funds from a live account and then shut it down. An inexperienced trader can use the platform to practice the art of trading. Those who like the experience they get from the free demo can move on to signing up for a live account.



Pocket Option gives you a 50% deposit bonus of the initial invested amount that you make upon opening a live account. The purpose of this deposit is to encourage new traders to make hefty deposits when they sign up. Remember that the minimum amount that one can make as the initial deposit is $50 and $1 for each trade. This means that you will get $75 to begin making trades after depositing the minimum account. However, you won’t be allowed to withdraw your bonus until you have made a specified number of trades using the system. The condition deters users who intend to fool the system by signing in and then withdrawing their initial investment plus the bonus that comes with it.


Mobile Trading

In this age where more people prefer using mobile applications to desktop applications, most people like to know beforehand whether an application they have used on the web is available on their mobile devices. Pocket Options have a platform on the web and additional mobile apps that are available for iOS and Android devices. These could be helpful for people who would like to trade while on the go.


Deposits and withdrawals

Pocket Options has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to deposit and withdraw funds. Deposits are acceptable from more than 50 methods of payment that include popular ones like Mastercard, Visa, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Netteler, and debit cards. The minimum amount that you can withdraw in a single transaction is $10. Note that this broker does not charge a commission for these transactions which gives it a competitive edge over other providers in the same niche.  


Customer support

The customer care on the website is always available. A potential trader can email various departments, starting a live chat, or calling the toll-free phone number provided. You can also use the contact form to send a message directly.

The response time is fast, and the customer care team can satisfy their customer’s concerns. The site also provides social media links to Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social networks.

Pocket Option is the ideal broker for those looking for an easy and quick way to make demo trades. The site offers excellent features to its traders. The lowest minimum deposit and the trading fees make it an ideal starting point for beginners. Pocket Option has a simple account layout and it provides binary options traders with a level playing field.  

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